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Seriously Tiger?

The Net Jet was a Windows PC based system produced by Hasbro and Tiger Electronics (same people who made the and R-Zone) in 2007.

How It Worked

You would plug the controller into the USB port into a computer, and then it would automatically start up and download games. You also had to insert keys into the system.

Why It Flopped

  1. You needed to insert a key into the system in order to play games on it. If the key is not inserted into the system, you can’t play games.
  2. Barely any of the games looked interesting. Most of them looked like cheap knockoffs of already existing games.
  3. This was made by Tiger Electronics, who were infamous for making the R-Zone and the
  4. You needed to be connected to the Internet in order to play with it.
  5. Support for the system ended in late 2009. That means that if you somehow managed to get the system after support ended, you can no longer play games on it, making the entire system useless.




6 months ago
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I wonder if he controller could be used as a USB game pad.

Master Chief

3 months ago
Score 0
It probably could on games that let you re-map the controls to allow controller support.


2 months ago
Score 0
It's like making a crappy game store built in a controller.

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