Need for Speed: ProStreet

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Need for Speed: ProStreet
Aside from having a good concept, this game wasn't very well executed.
Genre: Racing
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
Nintendo DS
PlayStation 2
PlayStation 3
PlayStation Portable
Nintendo Wii
Xbox 360
Release Date: November 14, 2007
Game Engine: Speed
EAGL 4.0 (graphics engine)
Developer: EA Black Box
Exient Entertainment (DS)
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Franchise: Need for Speed
Previous Game: Need for Speed: Carbon
Next Game: Need for Speed: Undercover

Need for Speed: ProStreet is a racing video game, the eleventh installment of the Need for Speed series. It was released worldwide in November 2007, and was the first title to not involve illegal street racing; instead, it involves legalized, closed-track racing.

Bad Qualities

  1. This extremely rushed game was made at the same time as Black Box was in the making of Skate and Undercover, forcing the team to divide its resources to develop multiple games simultaneously, which probably lead to the first nail being put in the franchise's coffin.
    • By the way, Undercover is even more rushed than this game.
  2. Unrealistic and rather wonky car handling, in which you're prone to understeer, no matter the car's drivetrain. Also cars tend to wildly bounce for unknown reasons, whether you're driving or not.
  3. Some of the cars are not represented well. For example, the Nissan Silvia Spec-R Aero (S15) is naturally aspirated and has a 5-speed gearbox, despite the real life counterpart being turbocharged and having a 6-speed gearbox. Also, it uses a Left-Hand Drive "cockpit" camera even though it's a Right-Hand Drive car.
  4. Some of the cars are unfinished in the PC version such as the Dodge Challenger Concept's bodykits being invisible and the McLaren F1 having its engine noise missing (thankfully, all of these can be fixed with mods). Not to mention countless broken textures on just about every single car (most notably grill textures).
  5. The DLCs are already in the game files (most notably the PC version). In other words, On-Disc DLC.
  6. The PS2 and Wii versions suffer from lack of content, downgraded visuals, reuses engine and transmission sounds from Most Wanted and Carbon and have framerate issues. Some cars such as the Acura Integra Type R (DC2), Honda Civic Si (FG2) and the Porsche 911 GT2 (997) are missing from the PlayStation 2 and Wii versions, likely due to console limitations.
  7. The game adds a Damage System that shows you the car's damage. There are three Damage Statuses: Minor, Major, and Total, all of which affect your car's performance (supposedly. Actually nothing is done to the performance except totaled). No damage in races grants you additional bonus points at the end of the race. However, if your car is totaled (either by excessive damage or flipping it over), you are disqualified from the current event and the car cannot be used until you repair it with a Total Repair Marker. While it's a pretty cool concept, if you run out of these Total Repair Markers, you could run into problems during events, especially if a really good car in your garage gets totaled, forcing the use of another car.
    • Also the damage model is odd. Although new features like parts falling off is cool, the wheels will always be untouched, which looks very out of place next to the rest of the car.
  8. The chase camera's angle is terrible and the screen vibration is way too much and can distract you if you're slipstreaming behind an opponent or driving at high speed (though you can reduce or outright remove it via modding).
  9. Nitrous is suddenly a fixed time boost instead of the normal boost that you can turn on and off at will as long as your Nitrous has not run out.
  10. Drift scoring system is very inconsistent and buggy.
  11. The PSP version is a total mess.
  12. Since the servers were shut down in 2013, the Continue button became completely broken and requires unofficial fixes in order to avoid it.
  13. This game hosted ads featuring live British nude/topless girls, which is not only inappropriate but completely out of place for a E10+-rated/3 rated game.[1]
  14. The PS2 and PS3 versions are prone to data corruption.
  15. A bit of false advertising: despite being heavily promoted, the Battle Machine livery on the Mazda RX-7 (FD3S) doesn't exist in anywhere of the game. Also the Nissan GT-R Proto can't be visually customized in the actual game while wearing a livery in promotional materials (there's even an AI that drives a modified GT-R Proto, you can see him in one of the G-Effect's race days).

Good Qualities

  1. Looking back more than a decade later, despite being barely playable without fixes, this game has aged incredibly well.
    • The atmosphere and the whole "legal street racing" idea is actually executed brilliantly. It somehow makes driving on racetracks really fun. Even totaled cutscenes (especially in Nevada) are strangely satisfying to watch. Not even some Sim racing games can brag about this.
      • The brilliant original score definitely adds up to it, courtesy of Junkie XL (who composed the soundtracks of Deadpool, Tomb Raider (2018 movie) and Mad Max: Fury Road). The licensed soundtrack is also excellent. Some examples are Wiley's Bow E3, Junkie XL's More and Avenged Sevenfold's Almost Easy.
    • This game will instantly become very engaging to play once you fix those fatal issues and get the hang of it.
    • By far this is the only game in the franchise to have wheelie competition.
    • Awesome graphics by 2007 standards. It looks beautiful even years later. The smoke effect in particular is largely praised by everyone.
    • This is one of the few games that make manual transmission, clutch, and tuning actually game-changing factors. If one is to beat the game (at least smoothly) they will have to learn how to use clutch and tune their cars properly. Again even some Sim racing games can't do this. Maybe a bit too demanding for an arcade game though.
  2. Many of the cars return from previous NFS games, including Hondas and Acuras (because this game features legally sanctioned street racing and Honda didn't want their cars to be involved in police chases). Also the car list is widely expanded, including the Nissan GT-R (R35), its prototype variant, the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X (CZ4A), BMW M3 (E92), and the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 as DLC.
  3. Car customization & Autosculpt has been enhanced (when they are actually finished).
  4. The game handled the notorious motion blur way better and in a more realistic manner than in the previous games, in which it was exaggerated.
  5. Like most other NFS games, ProStreet has mod support.
    • One of the major mods is the Overhaul Mod, which fixes most of the game's bad qualities, adds new cars from previous games, as well as removing DLC restrictions from all DLC/Collector's Edition cars. Also, the recently released "Sharp Driving Mod" improves the handling while toning down the understeer substantially.
  6. Features many tracks from real life, such as Ebisu Circuit, Mondello Park, Infineon (now Sonoma Raceway) and Texas World Speedway.


  • The unpatched version 1.0 has most of the cars use the Nissan 240SX (S13)'s performance data.



Mr. Dready

11 months ago
Score 5
I actually like this game, sadly this game is where i was introduced to this wiki, back when it was on fandom.


6 months ago
Score 0
this game is average as the current one

Man who turned Evil

5 months ago
Score 0

Speaking of car performance inaccurary, the Charger seems to have 3-speed manual, but it only got 3-speed auto and 4-speed manual.

I wish I could replay the PC version of the game, but I lost the disk.


4 months ago
Score 0
Despite all the negative qualities, this game is one of my favorite racing games of all the time.


3 months ago
Score 0
God, I haven't touched this game in years, and I remember the handling being absolute shit! Good thing I still have 2005's Most Wanted.

The Kill Counter

one month ago
Score 0
I actually have this game, but on PS2

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