Need for Speed: No Limits

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Need for Speed: No Limits
No limits for greed.
Genre: Racing
Platforms: iOS
Release Date: September 30, 2015
Developer: Firemonkeys Studios
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Franchise: Need for Speed

Need for Speed: No Limits is an arcade racing video game developed by FireMonkeys Studios and published by Electronic Arts for iOS and Android as part of Need for Speed series. The game was released on September 30, 2015.

Why It Sucks

  1. While the controls are easy to pick up, it becomes too simple and not challenging once you've picked it up.
    • Despite the simplicity of the controls, Firemonkeys somehow manage to leave a bug in it that will occasionally cause your car to veer uncontrollably to the right. This can easily cost you your race.
  2. You can't even use your brakes!
  3. Ironically, despite being named "No Limits", the game features a fuel system, which is just one of the many limits in this title.
  4. Another limit is that the races are usually extremely short and can be finished in under 30 seconds.
  5. The AI in this game is also rather... limited. All they are capable of is following a pre-programmed route and fire up nitrous whenever they feel like it. They can't even drift! At times, the AI racers may slam into you repeatedly as if they're after your blood, but it's actually not programmed aggression. Instead, it's just their extremely limited environmental awareness.
    • While police are present in the game, they unfortunately share the racer's AI and therefore barely do anything to interfere your race and hardly pose a threat unless they spawn in groups of 3 or more.
  6. The hitbox detection of this game is quite wonky; occasionally, simply scraping the wall will completely force stop your car.
    • At times, hitting a traffic car may reduce your speed by nearly 100 mph (161 km/h) instead of the usual +10 mph (+16 km/h).
    • Also, sometimes just scraping a road block will fill up your damage bar by 33.33% but at times slamming into one at full speed only fill it up by 25%.
  7. Following the trend of recent F2P racing games like Asphalt 8: Airborne and Asphalt 9: Legends, cars require "blueprints" to upgrade, making collecting cars an enormous grind fest.
    • The upgrading system in this game is also rather unconventional, instead of just spending a big wad of cash to upgrade a certain aspect of the car, you'll have to collect specific parts in order to slot them into your car parts and slowly raise their Performance Rating (PR), upgrading high end cars such as super or hypercars could take weeks or even months.
  8. Tuner Trials are exceptionally frustrating due to their repetitiveness. They reward you with necessary parts and cash to upgrade your cars, but they all take place on the exact same tracks in the exact same cars.
    • However, Tuner Trials' tracks were changed in a 2019 update.
  9. Tons after tons of microtransactions typical of freemium games.
  10. The VIP Levels 1, 2, and 3 can expire after a short period of time if you don't continue buying more IAP items.
  11. The removal of Visual Points means that all car customizations are now free, which is decent, although they can only be unlocked by leveling up your car, which is more egregious.
  12. All Ferrari cars are uncustomizable at the Modshop, as EA decided to keep the Rosso Corsa red color on all Ferrari cars with normal coloring of wheels, windows, and brakes only.
    • In addition, these cars cannot receive decals. All of this is due to Ferrari's strict policy on customization of their cars, though.
  13. Tournament has been removed and replaced with Blackridge Rivals, which is rewarding but extremely repetitive and somewhat pay-to-win (you'll always have to use your best car to yield the best results). Then, the devs replaced Blackridge Rivals with Underground Rivals, which is purely pay-to-win (now you can only use certain cars and the best cars are usually special events or IAP cars).
  14. The matchmaking of the multiplayer is simply atrocious, back in the tournament days, you can choose between opponents that either has a higher, equal or lower amount of Performance Rating (PR) which yields different amount of points. In Blackridge Rivals and Underground Rivals the system randomly selects an opponent for you and it's common to get matched with a player with much higher PR than you do.
    • Also, to encourage using their driving skills, in Rival tier, the player gets often matched with a tuned car against a skilled opponent with lower division rating, which is done to just extract division rating from the player.
  15. Cheaters were once very common in multiplayer, and it wasn't until Underground Rivals is introduced when the report cheater function was added.
  16. Most special events consist of fake difficulty.
    • Thanks to the AI's general incompetence, races are seldom difficult, and back in the old days, the only way for the devs to make races hard was to give your opponent a much higher PR, which at times felt rather cheap, especially in Hunter races where your rival already had a head start.
    • Now that these high PR gap races are history, the devs simply lock the races behind (at times) annoyingly high PR requirements. So now the challenge is not about driving well, but instead about trying and upgrading your car to the required level in the limited period of time. All you need now is a stingy drop system that seldom gives you the parts you need. Also, it has a higher chance to be sold with gold instead of event credits.
    • While the Proving Grounds events did provide challenge to your driving skills, some of its challenges are luck based ones or depend on trial-and-error gameplay, especially the nitro zone challenges which generates a random nitro zone layout every time you try it. Thankfully, the devs have accepted the feedback and made the nitro zone layouts fixed.
  17. As is the case with current mobile racers (e.g. CSR Racing 2), NFS NL is sometimes the first game to feature a new car model (thus marking that car's video game debut), although this is not a good thing and is becoming more frowned upon as more often than not, the new cars that are added to the game are blocked off by massive paywalls and are purposely given better performance than previous cars to lure out our wallets. A notable example of a car it stole when a console game could have debuted that car instead is the Jaguar XE SV Project 8, which later went on to appear in The Grand Tour Game, albeit poorly modelled.
  18. The recent revamp of the campaign is also not very well received amongst the playerbase, although the introduction of new tracks that are usually seen only in special events are welcomed, the fact that many of the races are changed to have additional requirements to win annoyed a lot of players, as it means that players can no longer simply put their game on autopilot to farm for materials but instead have to play these races manually. The only other option is race skips which are only available in very limited quantities.
    • However, an update removed the challenge requirements from these aforementioned events when replaying them, allowing one to autopilot when replaying these races.
  19. Many 2020-released cars do not have any car series with them, making them mostly dust collectors unless they are required for Underground Rivals.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The car customization system is rather decent and is one of the largest custom systems of any mobile racing game; for many cars, the livery, body kit, rims and colors can all be customized.
  2. The graphics of the game are rather neat.
  3. It's actually possible to win most, if not all of the special events without spending any money. Maxing out the cars they provide is a different story, though.


Need For Speed: No Limits received a mixed and positive reception from critics, but was hit with mixed and more negative reviews from user scores at Metacritic.




28 months ago
Score 1
This mobile game is a insult to NFS franchise. EA sucks at mobile gaming more hard.


2 months ago
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Big Rigs is more limitless compared to NFS: No Limits.

Change my mind.

Mr. Dready

one month ago
Score 0
Correct title: Need for Speed: Limits.

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