Need For Speed: Most Wanted (2012)

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Need For Speed: Most Wanted (2012)
Should of[sic] been called Burnout Fairhaven (missed opportunity) -N4S Videos
Genre: Racing
Platforms: Microsoft Windows

PlayStation 3 PS Vita

Xbox 360 iOS Android Kindle Fire

Wii U

Release Date: October 30, 2012
Developer: Criterion Games
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Franchise: Need For Speed

Need For Speed: Most Wanted is a 2012 street racing video game developed by Criterion Games and published by Electronic Arts for PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360, PC, iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, and Wii U as part of the Need For Speed series (the Wii U release was named Need For Speed: Most Wanted U). This game was released for PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360, PC, iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire on October 30th, 2012 and on March 19th, 2013 for Wii U.

Bad Qualities

  1. The fastest car in the game, the Hennesey Venom GT Spyder, is a DLC car as part of the Ultimate Speed Pack. Making the game pay-to-win.
    • However, the car is free to obtain in the Wii U version, just by shutting down the Most Wanted racer.
  2. Unlike the original Need For Speed: Most Wanted, there is no actual storyline. Matter of fact, almost nothing is carried over from the original.
  3. Almost zero customization to the point that in single player, you can't even change the color until you go through a repair shop, and even that's random. And car tuning is not also in the game.
    • The only exceptions are the cars from the Need For Speed Heroes DLC, with five liveries available for each car.
  4. Instead of unlocking cars by winning races and buying them with currency or selecting them from a garage, you can only find cars scattered around the city in any order, which removes any sense of progression.
  5. Unskippable intro (which of course was the case with previous games).
  6. The YouTuber BlackPanthaa has pointed at 8:07 out in his video THE WORST NEED FOR SPEED EVER: The airport was actually taken out of the game to be released as DLC.
  7. The physics in this game are full arcade and do not resonate with any of the past Need For Speed games other than the 2010 Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit game, another Need For Speed title developed by Criterion Games.
  8. Unskippable, annoying crash cinematic even when bumping into a car at rather low speed. Otherwise, get ready to restart races A LOT.
  9. The AI is rather atrocious, which is also true for the cops. For example: There's certain areas where the cops won't be able to catch you due to how poorly scripted they are, thus making it easy to grind speed points.
  10. Instead of allowing you to play every race with the car of your choice, each car has its own set of pre-assigned races, severely limiting replay value.
  11. Occasionally, you'll start a race going much slower than the AI racers, which makes winning much harder unless you restart.
  12. There's no actual progression, as it involves getting a certain amount of speed points to unlock a Most Wanted boss. The DLC bosses, on the other hand, are available after the game's intro.
    • Speaking of "Most Wanted" racers, back in the 2005 original, they all have their own personalities, backstories and extensively customized cars to reflect such. In this game, however, they're simply a series of white cars that seems to exist with the sole purpose of being challenged, making this game feel extra lifeless.
    • The mobile edition of the game did a much better job; the Most Wanted racers all have customized cars and names and some of their cars look truly amazing.
  13. The drift events are incredibly hard and some of them are nearly unbeatable when trying to unlock Jump Boost. The "Drift City" event is the worst offender due to its short length and tricky corners.
  14. The handling is very poor compared to the previous games (specially The Run), as you'll mostly suffer from oversteer/understeer no matter which car you're driving even when using handbrakes.
  15. This game is, essentially not a Need For Speed game. But rather a rehash of Burnout Paradise with licensed cars and NFS elements thrown in.
  16. False Advertising: Although this is called a Need For Speed game, the game's cover art is just like Burnout Paradise's cover art due its city background. Also, after you beat a Most Wanted rival, you have to take it down so you can own it, similar how you take down free-roaming cars in Burnout Paradise.

Good Qualities

  1. Great graphics.
  2. Multiplayer is a lot fun more than the singleplayer campaign.
  3. Lots of great cars to drive.
  4. Great soundtrack. Aside from the overuse of mainstream dubstep and rock music.
  5. The BMW M3 GTR made its re-appearance after 6 years of its absence (though it uses inline-6 engine rather than V8 engine).
  6. Speaking of the M3 GTR, the "Heroes" Pack DLC brings back a handful of cars from old Need for Speed games such as the Lamborghini Diablo SV from III: Hot Pursuit and two Nissans (350Z and Skyline GT-R) from the respective Underground games.
  7. The Most Wanted #10, #9, #8, #7, #6, #5 and #2 car intros look cool. Especially the BMW M3 GTR's intro featuring badass special effects.
  8. The Wii U port has the Ultimate Speed Pack as in-game standard but unfortunately Deluxe DLC Bundle did not include as a stand alone too.
  9. The game has tried to revived the NFS franchise, after a failure of The Run. Albeit it wasn't well recieved within the community.
  10. The Vita version was heavily praised for being the same as the PS3 version, but with very few minor differences, it also doesn't have any DLC and no cut content.
  11. The Android & iOS ports developed by FireMonkeys are decent and includes some of the DLC cars, but unfortunately doesn't include freeroam due to hardware limitations.
  12. At least the cutscenes are skippable, unlike The Run.
  13. The game is still way better than Need For Speed Rivals.


Need for Speed: Most Wanted 2005 vs 2012 comparison videos


  • Prerelease material indicates that this game was to not be the Burnout clone seen in the final product, and that it was to be released in 2013 as opposed to in 2012.




8 months ago
Score 2
I actually got the game on the Vita, it's really fun, much better than Need For Speed Rivals at least, tho of course, the 2005 version is obviously better.


6 months ago
Score 2
This is my second favorite NFS game and i Cant understand why it is at this wiki


4 months ago
Score 1
I purchased it on my second generation iPad in 2012 and I REALLY loved it. Not sure why is this game on the wiki. I haven't got the Xbox 360 port.


one month ago
Score 1
I don't know how to feel like this. On one hand, the game itself isn't bad, on other hand, the 2005 version is much superior.

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