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Worst escort mission ever.
Genre(s): Survival Horror, Light gun shooter
Platform(s): PC
Release: around 2009
Developer(s): Treasure Trap
Publisher(s): Treasure Trap

NayoRiyo is an ero-guro game released around 2009. It was made by Treasure Trap (though it was widely thought to be made by 237 because of a cameo appearance by the protagonist of Demonophobia, but there is no way to safely confirm they are the same person). The game was released around 2009, and thus, apparently was developed at the same time of Xenophobia.


Two little girls are kidnapped and taken for a secret club of perverted psychos who intent to sexually torture them to death.

Why It Sucks

  1. Everything you'd expect from a Demonophobia-like game, but now all the graphic violence is committed by human beings rather than fictional demons. While killing the girls, they will also speak with them in some cutscenes, while the demons were silent.
  2. Many death scenes are more disgusting than Demonophobia's. The game takes advantage of the two girls being sisters for some cutscenes of them reacting to their sibling's suffering.
  3. The game is entirely an escort mission, one of the least liked type of missions in games.
    • Even worse: now you have a gun, but you must pick-up ammo with the NPC you must protect. So, you can't even move away from her.
  4. Extremely uncomfortable controls.
  5. The graphics quality gives Demonophobia a run for its money.
  6. Like Demonophobia, there is no music in the game.
  7. In difference with Demonophobia, which had an interesting story with well done plot twists, NayoRiyo story feels uninspired and bland.


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