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Naughty Dog (2020-present)

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Naughty Dog
Naughty Dog.svg.png
A naughty dog, indeed.
Type: Subsidiary
Founded: September 27, 1984
Founder(s): Andy Gavin
Jason Rubin
Headquarters: Santa Monica, California, United States
Key people: Evan Wells (co-president)
Neil Druckmann (co-president)
Alison Mori (co-vice president)
Christian Gyrling (co-vice president)
Arne Meyer (co-vice president)
Parent: PlayStation Studios (2001–present)

Naughty Dog, LLC (formerly JAM Software, Inc.) is an American game development company based in Santa Monica, California. It was founded in 1984 by Andy Gavin and Jason Rubin in McLean, Virginia. They were acquired by Sony Computer Entertainment in 2001, becoming the subsidiary of SCE Worldwide Studios (currently PlayStation Studios). They are known for creating franchises such as Crash Bandicoot, Jak and Daxter, Uncharted, and The Last of Us.

Why They Became Naughty

  1. Lately, they haven't been able to take negative criticism very well.
  2. They mistreated their employees with the use of crunch time during development of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and The Last of Us Part II.
    • During TLoU2's development, a construction company working in the same building accidentally dropped a metal pipe down, which could have killed Naughty Dog's crunched employees working the graveyard shift.[1]
    • Crunch culture in Naughty Dog existed prior to 2020, with some employees reportedly wotking 80-100 hour weeks to meet unrealistic deadlines set by incompetent management.[2]
    • Jonathan Cooper, former animator at Naughty Dog, claimed there was a report of an employee being hospitalized due to being overworked. Cooper himself also stated that Naughty Dog (illegally) withheld his last paycheck, trying to force him to sign a document prohibiting him from sharing their production practices.[3]
    • Evan Wells and Neil Druckmann, the co-presidents of Naughty Dog, oppose worker unions and claim it would not solve the company's inhumane crunch culture. The former stated that (a 40 hour work week) "would frustrate people to no end. There are people who really want to put in that extra polish on their own volition, and they would feel handcuffed." [4]
  3. They filed fraudulent DMCA claims against critics who talked about The Last of Us Part II leaks.
  4. They caused Amy Hennig to depart from the company in 2018 (although many say she was fired), the same person that created the Uncharted franchise, most likely because she outlived her usefulness for Naughty Dog after the last chapter of the Uncharted storyline, The Lost Legacy.[5]
  5. They have started to milk The Last of Us , as they announced a remake of the first game as The Last of Us Part I[6], despite the fact that the game is already fine the way it is even with a remaster for the PS4 and still holds up well to this day. Although this may have been Sony's doing given the cancellation of Days Gone 2.
  6. Naughty Dog seems to have turned away from cartoony games in general since they've seemingly abandoned the Jak and Daxter franchise. Apart from re-releases, there's been no new installment since 2009.
    • Speaking of which, Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier was a very mediocre game. This is because Naughty Dog made the mistake of leaving development to High Impact Games. A decision they've since regretted.
    • Jak 4 was reportedly in development, but cancelled in favor of The Last of Us.
  7. Neil Druckmann. Despite being talented (as he was the lead director of The Last of Us, along with Bruce Straley), he recently lost his edge in creating powerful narratives and heavy character development and now favors to shove in political correctness into their games like Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and recently The Last of Us Part II (though the former two were still great games).
    • He has even openly admitted to being a big fan of Anita Sarkeesian, which is just disgraceful.
    • Not to mention, he's the one who caused the downfall of Naughty Dog, as he's the vice president of this very company.
  8. They used blatant false advertising to mislead people from discovering Joel's death in The Last of Us 2's trailer, intentionally replacing another character's model with his. Access media didn't see a problem with that. [7]
  9. When The Last Of Us: Firefly Edition was released, buyers reported that the physical edition had been damaged. They announced a second batch, which sold out because of scalpers.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Before Neil Druckmann damaged their reputation, they were a pretty good company. They've made games that have allowed them to also be on the Awesome Games Wiki.
  2. While it doesn't look like The Last of Us will be very successful as a franchise, its first installment is amazing.
    • It's also set to have a upcoming TV adaptation on HBO, with it expecting to be released in 2023.
  3. They've created some of Sony's most beloved and important franchises, such as Crash Bandicoot, Uncharted, and Jak and Daxter, the former being owned by Microsoft now.



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