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Namco Museum Remix/Megamix

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Namco Museum Remix/Megamix

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Classic just got cooler? You're sure about that.
Protagonist(s): Pac-Man
Genre(s): Compilation
Platform(s): Nintendo Wii
Release: JP: December 6, 2007
NA: October 23, 2007
EU: April 18, 2008
AU: May 1, 2008
November 26, 2010 (Namco Museum Megamix)
Developer(s): Namco Bandai Games
Publisher(s): Namco Bandai Games
Atari Europe (EU)
Country: Japan
Series: Namco Museum
Successor: Namco Museum Virtual Arcade (after Remix)
Namco Museum Nintendo Swtich (after Megamix)

Namco Museum Remix is a 2007 video game compilation developed and published for the Wii by Namco Bandai Games. It includes nine Namco arcade games and five "remix" games made for the compilation. A remake called Namco Museum Megamix was released exclusively in North America on November 26, 2010; the game features nine other arcade games alongside the titles from the original, as well as an additional remix game based on Grobda.

Bad Qualities

  1. To start things off, the Remix version of the game had a lack of classic arcade games like Ms. Pac-Man, Sky Kid, and even the original Pac-Man (The latter does appear in Megamix). Ironically enough, Pac-Man is one of Namco's flagship franchises yet Pac-Man (the arcade) doesn't appear in Remix for some reason.
  2. The graphics of the game is pretty mediocre. Sure, they're not that bad, but it isn't as appealing to look at in comparison to other Wii titles like Kirby's Return to Dream Land and Epic Mickey.
  3. Despite Namco Museum Megamix having some new games that Remix has, it felt more like a repackaging of Remix and it still doesn't have a bigger variety (even if there are some new ones like the original Pac-Man, Dig Dug II, Rally-X, Galaga, etc.). How can you make a different version of a game when there are barely any differences.
  4. The controls in both games are awkward to use (no matter if you are using the Wii Remote, Nunchuk, or Classic Controller). When you are playing one of the remixed games, it would almost be unplayable in certain parts. Since you have to control Pac-Man in certain games (like Gator Panic or Pac 'n Roll), it can be painful for your arm.
    • The remix version of Pac 'n Roll (it was a DS game). Pac-Man would act up rushing and bouncing to walls and objects which can frustrate players due to the speed not being always accurate. However, it's a rehash of the DS game and it doesn't even have the same story as Pac 'n Roll. Also due to the controls, it can lead you to cheap deaths.
    • Gator Panic remix is a Whack-a-Mole style game that can bug players as you have to let Pac-Man hit the gators who come and appear on the holes, but Pac-Man could hit the wrong way.
    • Galaga Remix is an on-rails shooting game that allows players to shoot the aliens while protecting Pac-Man. There are only a few levels in that which makes it short and the bosses are tricky.
  5. Since we did talk a little about the Remix games, those games that fall in the Remix category seem pretty stale and don't do a lot of justice.
    • Rally-X Remix has the speed of a lawnmower race. The cars in that game move so slow that it's just ridiculous to see them move.
    • Pac-Motos and Grobda is basically just Motos and Grobda only with Pac-Man slapped onto it. Nothing else.
  6. Even though it is called Namco Museum Remix/Megamix, it's not even a museum in the first place but the entire theme is basically more of a carnival theme which can be misleading. To be fair, however, the game in Japan is called Everyone Plays! Namco Carnival (みんなで遊ぼう!ナムコカーニバル Minna de Asobou! Namuko Kānibaru).
  7. Pac-Dots appear in the main hub world of the game and they do nothing else other than being present for Pac-Man to collect.
  8. The main hub world acts as a menu for the game and it's confusing to switch between games. You have to control Pac-Man to pick out a certain game but, it feels so weird that it would be better if it was a menu and not a hub world where you control a ball.
  9. Pac-Man's voice is annoying to listen to. Yes, he doesn't talk yet you can hear him scream so loud when you open up Namco Museum Remix on the Wii Menu. His yawn when you leave him alone during his idle animations is also irritating to listen to.
  10. Lack of bonus content and leaderboards on both versions. This overall makes the game so shallow when it comes to replay value.

Good Qualities

  1. Despite the graphics not being as great as some other Wii games, it still looks colorful and it's not that bad in comparison to other Wii games with bad graphics
  2. The soundtrack is alright, but still has some awesome tunes like World 1 (Galaga Remix), World 1 (Rally-X Remix), World 2 (Rally-X Remix), World 4 (Rally-X Remix), World 1 (Pac N' Roll), World 2 (Pac N' Roll), World 5 (Pac-Motos), and Grobda Remix (Game)
  3. Pac-Man's design is cute for the most part.
  4. It did bring out some more lesser-known games like Pac & Pal, Cutie Q, and King & Balloon
  5. The Megamix version at least brought some new games that Remix didn't have including the one and only Pac-Man.
  6. Both versions still have some Namco arcade games so if you wanted to play the originals, go right ahead.
  7. The cabinets of the original arcade games are cool to look at as they come in different styles. Take a look.
  8. Though a little misleading since it's called Namco Museum, the idea of a theme park-like area that is themed around Namco is pretty interesting and imaginative to look at.
  9. Pac n' Roll Remix, despite its faults, is actually pretty good, with its re-release in Pac-Man Museum Plus being a huge improvement.


Namco Museum Remix got unfavorable reviews on Metacritic while Namco Museum Megamix got mixed to average reviews. GameRankings gave Remix a 55.05% and Megamix a 60.33%.



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