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NBA Jam 2001

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NBA Jam 2001
Gbc nba jam 2001 p wzh973.jpg
Looks like Acclaim Entertainment just pulled the LJN out of this game, and their perfection of getting it right is slim to none!
Genre(s): Sports
Platform(s): Game Boy Color
Release: November 28, 2000
Developer(s): DC Studios
Publisher(s): Acclaim Entertainment
Series: NBA Jam

NBA Jam 2001 is a 2000 sports video game co-developed by DC Studios and Virtucraft, and published by Acclaim Entertainment (under the Acclaim Sports label) on November 28, 2000.

Why It Sucks

  1. The music in this game is horrendous, and is basically watered-down to fit the Game Boy Color.
    • The main menu music is even worse, especially by Game Boy Color standards.
  2. The password feature is unnecessary, because in future NBA Jam games, it has an autosave feature, or even gives you the option to save.
  3. The voice acting for the commentators sound like robots, especially by the way that they are talking.
  4. Playing the Season Game mode is nearly impossible because as mentioned on WIS#2, the password feature is required to play, meaning that this game is nearly unplayable if you don't know what letters or numbers to put in.
    • The same thing applies to Playoffs mode, meaning those 2 choices are inaccessible unless you have the password memorized, which this game doesn't even bother to give to you.
  5. Practice mode is very boring, as it is possible to get a basket easily.
    • Meaning while you play the two modes that were mentioned above, it is still possible to either win or lose (if you can master the awkward controls).
  6. The graphics at best are very bland, and look like somebody copied and pasted the players' pictures onto Microsoft Paint.
  7. The controls are very stiff, and makes it impossible to even score a basket on the Head to Head mode.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. This game does offer you the option of having you play with a friend, if you and your friend have the exact same game.


This game received mostly negative reviews.



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