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NAM cover art.jpg
I don't feel my legs, or my brain.
Genre: First-Person Shooter
Platforms: MS-DOS
Release Date: July 31, 1998
Game Engine: Build
Developer: TNT Team
Publisher: GT Interactive Software
Made in: United States

NAM (Also known as Napalm in Walmart retail outlets) is a first-person shooter video game set during the Vietnam War, developed by TNT Team and published by GT Interactive Software for the MS-DOS only in North America.


The game consists of 34 levels divided into four episodes; there are two single player episodes with fifteen levels and two multiplayer episodes with nineteen levels.

Why It Sucks

  1. The decision of using Build Engine on a Vietnam War game is terrible, as it causes most of the game problems.
    • On top of that, the engine was also outdated, as fully 3D engines like the id Tech 2 and Unreal Engine were already out then.
  2. A lot of asset flipping, to name a few, the hands animation at the beginning, the breathing sounds, the structures and even the ammo sprites are all from Duke Nukem 3D.
  3. Blocky graphics.
  4. Very poor visual effects.
  5. There are problems with the weapon proportions, as most of them look extremely huge when equipped.
    • Some of them are even inconsistent, for example, the shotgun sprite has a normal size barrel, but when you load another round, the barrel looks incredibly long.
  6. Lots of bugs, glitches and design flaws.
  7. The game has a lot of technical issues, specially with the audio drivers and the installation folder.
  8. At the time, the framerate was amazingly choppy, even with the recommended specs.
  9. Terrible AI, the CPU controlled grunts have troubles turning corners or maneuvering through doors.
  10. The game tries too hard to offer a realistic Vietnam War experience, but this "realism" is ruined by the own game mechanics, the player can absorb an insane amount of bullets and get back to normal by picking up a single medikit, and of course, these are very easy to find and collect.
    • To make the things worse, the way that the developers try to justify this is ridiculous, in words of the game manual: "The CIA's dosed you up with an experimental serum that is a healing agent, pain killer, and stimulant all rolled into one bad-ass cocktail".
  11. Some weapons like the M72 LAW and the M79 grenade launcher will automatically home in onto the enemies, which is a drawback if you're trying to hit a spot between two enemies in order to take them both out with one hit.
  12. All of the levels are constantly bombed by your allies, resulting in a lot of cheap deaths.
  13. There are some booby traps, but it's hard to see them because of the low quality graphics.
  14. As Build Engine is not so good at recreating outdoor areas, the foliage and trees look very pixelated and it's pretty hard to spot enemies, specially at long distances.
    • If you're using a low resolution monitor, this will get much worse.
  15. Dreadful and inconsistent level design caused by technical limitations and the poor amount of assets.
    • There are buildings in some levels that are supposed to be entirely jungle, that doesn't make any sense!
  16. Very low ammo caps.
  17. Mediocre voice acting.
  18. Forgettable music.
  19. Because of the unfitting game engine, pixelated graphics, terrible level design, low ammo pool and frequent airstrikes, the difficulty is very unbalanced, even on the easiest difficulty.
  20. The multiplayer mode has no built-in TCP/IP play, meaning that you need to join a LAN gaming club to play it.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Since the gameplay and the controls are similar to Duke Nukem 3D, you will get used to the game very fast.
  2. The constant bleeding feature when you get shot is nice, but poorly executed.
  3. Vietcong enemies speak Vietnamese, which is immersive.
  4. Despite the multiplayer mode is not officially supported on a gaming network, it can be really fun, also, you can choose your role (sniper, machine gunner, medic, etc).


The game received "unfavorable" reviews, Next Generation gave it one star out of five and stated that it should have stayed in the internet as a freeware, IGN gave it a 3/10 and GameSpot a 4/10.



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