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Myth Makers: Orbs of Doom

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Myth Makers: Orbs of Doom
Hamster Heroes 2: Electric Boogaloo
Protagonist(s): Myth Makers
Genre(s): Platform
Rating(s): ESRB: E
Platform(s): Wii
PlayStation 2
Microsoft Windows
Release: NA: October 26, 2007
EU: March 14, 2008
AU: March 15, 2008
Engine: RenderWare
Havok (physics)
Developer(s): Data Design Interactive
Publisher(s): NA: Bold Games
EU/AU: Phoenix Games
Country: United Kingdom
Series: Myth Makers
Predecessor: Myth Makers: Super Kart GP

Myth Makers: Orbs of Doom is a 2007 puzzle-platform game released for the Wii, PlayStation 2, and Microsoft Windows. It was developed by Data Design Interactive and published by Bold Games in North America, and Phoenix Games in Europe/Australian regions.

Why It Spells Its Own Doom

  1. Like DDI's platform games, it is just a reskin of Hamster Heroes, (which released 2 years prior to this game) as both games use the same engine and have identical gameplay, just with different characters, settings, and level design, and were even released for the exact same platforms, showing laziness.
  2. The game is just a blatant rip-off of Super Monkey Ball, sharing the same concept and similar mechanics with the latter.
  3. Awful-looking graphics, which isn't surprising for a DDI game as this point, as they look akin to a game released for the Nintendo 64 or Sega Dreamcast.
  4. DDI simply just re-used the same main menu from Super Kart GP, and even the music is the same, showing more laziness.
  5. Terrible level design, as the levels are far too narrow, and most of them have multiple "paths" that just lead to dead-ends, making it possible for you to get lost, and due to the poor controls, they can even lead to cheap deaths.
  6. Speaking of the controls, (and as well as the physics) they are very poor and are too sensitive, especially on the Wii version which is another quirk with DDI’s games, as in order to move, you have to tilt the Wii Remote around, which is a very lousy way to implement motion controls into the game, and unsurprisingly, they are also unresponsive, making the game nearly unplayable at best.
  7. False advertising:
    • On the back of the box, it says that a wizard named "Rebus" has trapped the Myth Makers inside of the Orbs of Doom, and that you must "destroy all of the orbs that he has taken under his control", but that doesn't happen in the game, nor does Rebus appear in the game at all.
    • The back of the box says that there are over 40 levels, when there are actually only 30.
  8. Extremely repetitive soundtrack, as it's just one or two songs that plays throughout the entire game in all 30 levels, which can get pretty annoying.
  9. The loading screens are also recycled from Super Kart GP, with Trixie's being the worst offender, as she is doing a sexual pose whilst dressed as a bunny.
  10. Horrible and wonky camera, as the game barely lets you control it, and sometimes, it is too close to the player, especially when they're near a wall, just like Ninjabread Man.
  11. The game's difficulty is inconsistent, especially on the PS2 version, as the difficulty of the levels always range from being either too easy or too hard, and vice versa.
  12. While there are two other modes in the game, such as a Time Trial and Star mode, you get absolutely no reward for completing these, thus making them pointless to play.
  13. The game is very short, as despite the terrible controls, it is possible to beat the game in less than 30 minutes. although, it's not as short as Ninjabread Man at least.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The PS2 version has slightly better controls, since it doesn't use motion controls like the Wii version.
  2. The characters are decent, and are probably one of the only acceptable things about the game.


The game received strongly negative reviews on Metacritic[1]. The Wii version currently has a user score of 0.9 based on 8 ratings, indicating "overwhelming dislike". On GameFAQs, the Wii[2] version has a rating of 1.39/5 via 22 ratings, while the PS2 [3]version has a low rating of 1.66/5 via 16 ratings.




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