My Little Bomb

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My Little Bomb
My Little Bomb.jpg
The developer really thinks that "alternative reality" on the description is an excuse for bad taste.
Genre: Idle Clicker
Platforms: Windows
Release Date: 5 January, 2018
Developer: Ghost_RUS Games
Publisher: Ghost_RUS Games

My Little Bomb is a game created by the same developer of Gay World and Putin VS ISIS. It was released in early 2018.

Official Description

"Alternative reality, North Korea led by Kem Jong-En wants to conquer the whole world. To this end, the country's leadership has decided to create many nuclear and atomic bombs, as well as other weapons of mass destruction. You will grow one of them."

Why It Sucks

  1. Bad taste. It was released at the time the tensions between the United States and the DPRK were getting worse and even worse.
    • The game also revolves around Kim Jong-Un, a dictator well-known for committing human rights abuses against the people of his country This might turn off some people, especially those who oppose him.
  2. It is an "idle clicker" game; a game genre with no challenge in which the player is rewarded by just clicking on the screen a certain amount of times. However, it fails even at being a idle clicker, because this kind of game is supposed to reward the player which cutscenes, visual/sound effects, or unlockables. This game has absolutely nothing interesting to unlock.
  3. Misleading title: the pronounce sounds like "My Little Pony". This probably was done to attract the bronies and other My Little Pony fans. This is unforgivable because the My Little Pony fanbase is mostly composed by children, and the game's thematic is unsuitable for children.


  • Days after it was release, it was reskinNed as a game to mock loot boxes, named Loot Box Simulator 20!8.




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My Little Bomb: Murder is Witchcraft!

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