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MuzArcade is a music themed mobile game for iOS and Android released on March 8th, 2019.

Why It Sucks

  1. This game is the definition of copyright strikes. If you don't mute your phone or add a copyright-free song while recording the game, there is a chance that you will get a copyright strike, because all songs in this game are copyrighted, although licensed for use by record labels. This is why there are very few videos of this game.
  2. Microtransactions. In order to play a certain song/artist, you have to get an Apple Music/Spotify Premium subscription.
    • Same goes for unlocking an artist's playlist, you have to use real money to unlock it.
  3. Some songs aren't synced properly. (ex. I Took A Pill In Ibiza)
  4. Some songs have the lyrics wrong.
  5. After you complete a level, a pop-up ad appears.
  6. The raiding feature rips off Coin Master.
  7. Not all songs and artists are available to use in the game.
  8. You can't upload your own music in the game.
  9. Literally all of the levels in the game are insanely easy to beat. Depending on the length of songs that you did, you can beat the game before it gets updated in 10 hours or less.
  10. When you get to Default Board, your game freezes. This makes the game unplayable until it updates.
  11. Some boards have terrible names (ex. Ice Cream Paint).
  12. False advertising: There is no way to become a MuzArcade Ninja as the player ranks go up to 18 (God). In fact, "Ninja" is not a rank in the game!
  13. Stream Snaker skins reuse some assets from other skins. An example is that one of the circle skins are recolored and they appear to be the same thing.
  14. Song Jeez is a laughable minigame name. Besides, after you complete a level in this minigame, the noises that come from the "emojeez" can be really annoying!
  15. The game reuses neon images from other boards.
  16. The questionable names for the boards can confuse what the player is supposed to pick which minigame to play next.
    • Besides, the game can't decide which minigames for the player to play for which board. This shows that the creators are too lazy.
  17. Stream Quizzer is the only game that does not have powerups. It is like that possibly to prevent cheating. If the player doesn't know the lyrics to a song, they can simply look the lyrics up.
  18. Stream Flapper is a ripoff of Flappy Bird.
  19. Stream Breaker is a ripoff of Breakout.
  20. After several levels, the game is still the same. The only exception is Song Ball and Song Jeez, which change every level.
  21. You can't change the song after you complete a level.
  22. The flapping noises from the character that you play as in Stream Flapper can be annoying as you are trying to beat the level.
  23. Stream Snaker is a generic Snake vs. Block game.
    • Some of its skins look like they came from a stock clip art website.
  24. Stream Blaster is a ripoff of Asteroids. The default ship you play as looks similar to Asteroids, with it's triangular shape.
  25. Before the April 2020 update, you were able to duel with "Skylar". Who is Skylar? Is she a bot, the mascot for the game, one of the creators of the game, or another player?
  26. You can't pick the background in Stream Flapper, unlike Stream Blaster where you were able to do that. Besides, the backgrounds are chosen by random choice.
  27. The logo is generic for a music game.
  28. There used to be a lot of active users when it first started, but pretty much no one plays the game anymore.
  29. In a recent update (2.15 on iOS and Android), they removed the ability to create your own playlists. Also some of the features have been removed (including the ability to follow artist channels and play their respective playlists.)

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The creators can take criticism.
  2. The concept of music themed minigames is pretty cool and innovative.
  3. In some contests, you can win real money.
  4. This game can appeal to music lovers.
  5. At least it is way better than this.
  6. This game gave rights to all of the songs that are in the game.
  7. Some of the cosmetic skins in the games are good.
  8. The graphics are pretty good.





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