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The Australian Prince of Clickbait
Profile: MrMuselk
Style: Gaming
Date Joined: January 13, 2012
Twitter: MrMuselk
Facebook: N/A
Other Media: Instagram: MrMuselk
Official merchandise store: Muselk
Twitch: Muselk
Official Discord server: Muselks Muesli Dungeon
No. of videos: 1,366+
Schedule: Daily
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: 7.5M+

Elliott Watkins (Born: November 22, 1994 [age 25]), better known online as Muselk or MrMuselk, is an Australian YouTuber based in Sydney, New South Wales. Due to the uniqueness of his username, its frequent mispronunciation (most common examples include Muscle-k and Moose-lick) is a recurring gag in many of his collaboration videos, which he later adapted into his everyday humour. He currently has over 7.5 million subscribers and over 2.331 billion video views (as of February 9, 2019). Muselk was predominantly famous for playing Team Fortress 2 and other popular games such as numerous Garry's Mod games, Overwatch, Star Wars Battlefront (and its sequel), Rainbow Six Siege and many more.

Why He Sucks

  1. He made a video about the TF2 vs Overwatch debate, saying that Overwatch isn't his replacement for TF2, yet most of his uploads in 2017 were all Overwatch related, with only one TF2 video, making him a hypocrite.
  2. Ever since the release of Overwatch, he almost always dedicates his gameplay to what is currently the most popular shooter. Right now, his channel is currently dedicated to nothing but Fortnite. It isn't bad to play different games, but this is basically oversaturation at this point.
  3. Despite his fans' endless demand for a variety of games, he just keeps sticking to his most recent shooter of choice, in this case being Fortnite and no other games.
  4. His Fortnite gameplay is stale because his loadouts will almost always involve double pump shotguns and mini shield potions.
  5. Clickbait titles and thumbnails, both of which are prominent in his recent videos. One example of this is his recent video where he claims that his Fortnite account was hacked in the thumbnail and title, while the actual case is that someone went onto his account and bought him V-Bucks. That's right. He made a video saying he was hacked yet the hacker didn't actually harm his account.
  6. His Best TF2 Loadout videos are garbage since they often promote crutch weapons, and people actually use them, believe it or not. He also constantly advertises his awful loadouts.
  7. Tries way too hard to be funny and just fails at it.
  8. He frequently throws his own matches for the sake of pulling off a meme strategy, a gimmicky strategy whose flaws are easily exploited by competent/skilled players.
  9. He stole some videos and pass them off as his own, the most notorious being Marshmello's live concert held at Pleasant Park and Jimbomcb's Nope.avi meme.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. His older TF2 related videos were actually decent, and he was somewhat interesting despite him not being too good at the game.
  2. He returned to TF2 on his other channel MoreMuselk after months of no TF2 content except videos about the Jungle Inferno update only made to cash in on the hype.
  3. The thumbnails of his TF2 content are actually pretty good, as they are Source Filmmaker commissions and not clickbait thumbnails like everything else.
  4. As a tribute to a botched rescue attempt during one of his Fortnite free-for-all matches, Epic Games updated the game so that there is a tombstone marking the attempt along with a pile of tires to allow players to gain a few crucial feet in jump height as a hidden Easter egg.

Some of Muselk's videos

Muselk's official channel trailer
The very first video uploaded on his channel
The most-viewed video on his channel




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Muselk is if Rick Astley and Elon Musk had a baby

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