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Mr. Bean (video game)

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Mr. Bean
153875-Mr. Bean (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It,Nl,Pt,Sv,No,Da,Fi)-1.jpg
[British accent] Hm... the cover looks promising...
Protagonist(s): Mr. Bean
Genre(s): Platform
Platform(s): PlayStation 2
Nintendo DS
Microsoft Windows
Release: PlayStation 2
EU: November 23, 2007
AU: November 29, 2007

Nintendo DS
EU: March 14, 2008
AU: March 2008

Nintendo Wii
EU: February 6, 2009
AU: June 25, 2009
NA: January 31, 2011

Microsoft Windows
EU: February 9, 2009
Developer(s): Beyond Reality Games
Publisher(s): PAL: Blast! Entertainment
NA: Red Wagon Games
Country: United Kingdom
Series: Mr. Bean

Mr. Bean (the Wii version is known as Mr. Bean's Wacky World) is a 2007 platform video game based on an animated series of the same name. Developed by Beyond Reality Games and published by Blast! Entertainment for the PlayStation 2, Nintendo DS, Wii, and Microsoft Windows.

Why Mr. Bean Should Take a Break from This

  1. The graphics look incredibly poor, even though it uses cel-shading. The game supposedly uses this effect, some objects do not, such as rocks or barrels. The graphics are definitely the worst in the DS version, even for its standards. Not to mention the hideous looking character models as if they were made of a plywood curve.
  2. Cheap animations, with the characters mostly moving and jumping in an extremely bizarre way.
  3. Sketchy and boring story. There is a lot going on in the cartoon, there are many other events. The game only limits to situations where Mr. Bean is missing a puzzle piece.
  4. Horrible controls.
  5. There is quite an annoying situation in the DS version. When you turn on an option or go back to the title screen, the music restarts.
  6. Ear bleeding sound effects, especially the bees buzzing which sound like mosquitoes flying and collecting puzzles.
  7. Dull, boring, and repetitive level design that often drags on for too long.
  8. The spring pads in the levels are often unresponsive and can lead to cheap deaths.
  9. Immortal Enemies: No matter what you shoot at them, enemies won't die.
  10. False advertising:
    • On the back cover of the game says you need to save Teddy from an unknown villain, but that doesn't happen in the game.
    • The cover features the live-action Mr. Bean (played by Rowan Atkinson), but the game is solely based on the animated series, so he doesn't appear anywhere else in the game.
    • The back cover on the PS2 and DS versions says the game has 12 levels even though there are only 9 levels. The PS2 version also mentioned that you have to collect 750 cat biscuits (450 on the DS version), where there are actually one thousand (600 on the DS version).
  11. No replay value. There are only boring collecting puzzles and doing boring mini-games that are only meant to be a waste of time.
  12. Poor camera that can be irritating at times.
  13. It's so lazy as the cutscenes are just clips from the animated show. In addition, the animations are of poor video quality and were released on CD, instead of DVD.
  14. Some areas have little to no checkpoints in between.
  15. Extremely poor jumping and platforming physics that creates a lot of fake difficulty.
  16. The game is just a reskin of Agent Hugo: Lemoon Twist.
  17. There is no dot point in Mr. Bean's name on all of the game titles.
  18. The game has a very annoying bug that causes Mr. Bean to lock himself on objects or obstacles, and you can't get out of it, meaning that you'll have to restart the whole level.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. The Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Windows versions (while still not good) are improved in comparison to their previous versions.
    • They have slightly better controls.
    • They have an extra area called "In the Wild".
    • They have more mini-games including "Garden/Sewer Racing", "Shooting Gallery", "Garden/Sewer/Wild/Factory Tennis", and more.


Mr. Bean has received a negative reception from critics. One of the users, ALEXFILI, said: "Buy or Rent? Personally, I'd say neither. You can pick up a DVD of the TV show, Film or Cartoon series and you would get so much pleasure from it. Please, don't buy this game. Don't support lame third party companies from producing rubbish like this."



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