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Just play Gran Turismo instead of this game with poor controls...

Motorhead is a racing video game developed by Digital Illusions CE (which are notable for the Mirror's Edge series) for PlayStation and Microsoft Windows. This game was published by Gremlin Interactive and Fox Interactive.

Why It Sucks

  1. The handling is rather clunky for an arcade racer. Also, if you attempt to drive off-road, you'll start losing control (even though it's likely intentional since it might add realism to the game).
  2. Mediocre controls.
  3. Poor draw distance with a noticeable fog, even worse in the PS1 version.
  4. Rubberband AI, in which they're faster than your car in the straights.
  5. Fake difficulty.
  6. Generic engine sound design, which sounds like heavily-modified RC toy car noises.
  7. The Steam version is actually an emulated PS1 release instead of the PC port.
  8. The PC version suffers from compatibility issues in newer operating systems even with the Patch 3.0. In some occasions such as playing the "Quick Race" mode, the game will crash.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The soundtrack by Olof Gustafsson is decent, which is reminiscent of the British electronic music duo Orbital. Take a listen.
  2. The cars' design look great and futuristic (which includes the Italdesign Calà and Vector M12 look-alikes).
  3. The graphics are alright for a 1998 racing game (comparable to San Francisco Rush), meanwhile the PC version looks even better thanks to the Glide API by 3dfx Interactive (currently known as Nvidia).
  4. The PC version, while not being that good, is a slight improvement thanks to its improved user interface and having a more convenient handling compared to the crappier, original PS1 release.


Motorhead game received a 5/10 score by IGN and also received a negative reviews by on Steam.


  • The game itself was going to have a sequel called "Motorhead 2", but it was ultimately cancelled in 2002 and two of it's cars: Avalanche (Renamed to "Asp") and Serpent MK2 got recycled as hidden, unlockable vehicles for the 2003 video game Midtown Madness 3.