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Motorbike Challenge

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Motorbike Challenge is an open-world racing game developed by Team6 Game Studios (using the same engine as Pizza Dude and Manhattan Chase), released in 2006 on Microsoft Windows platforms.

Why It Sucks

  1. Most of the gameplay consists of driving through rings à la Superman 64. This, coupled with the horrible AI and the broken driving mechanics, results in the game becoming boring and repetitive very soon.
    • There isn't much to do in the game, either, besides taking part in a race that requires barely any effort to win, or aimlessly wandering through the poorly designed city.
  2. The AI is broken, almost to the point of hilarity. The computer-controlled racers have no qualms crashing into walls, cars, light poles and any kind of obstruction in the path they're set to follow, letting you gain a significant advantage on them. Even after winning a race, they will just keep going straight ahead until they crash into a wall.
  3. The bike's horrible handling can be traced back to the physics, which are terrible when they're not being inconsistent. The bike itself has almost no mass and every collision has the potential to make you fall off, regardless of your speed and the nature of the object you crash into (meaning that crashing into a picket fence at 10 km/h may have the same results as crashing into a wall at top speed).
    • When you go on one wheel, spamming the boost will neutralize every kind of drag from the terrain, resulting in the bike accelerating far past its top speed.
  4. When you go in reverse, every semblance of physics is thrown out the window:
    • If you take even the slightest turn, the bike will swerve uncontrollably until you stop or fall off.
    • If you pull the handbrake, then turn, the bike will start drifting as every semblance of drag or other forces opposing to its movement disappears. Colliding with anything short of a brick wall in these conditions will have no visible effect, nor will it slow you down, let alone make you fall off.
  5. The above-mentioned issues with the physics don't apply only to the bike, either: crashing into light objects (like tables, fences and poles) will cause the object itself to slide off while standing perfectly straight as if nothing happened.
  6. The visuals aren't much better, either. The textures are extremely blurry (such as walls), glow unnaturally (like with the church walls), and are outright missing in some cases. Every collision also has the same visual effect: a flat image of broken gears and bolts that rotate endlessly (and in some cases, it even fails to disappear).
    • For some reason, the sky is colored with a purple-orange shade, which gives the impression that the sun is setting. Since there is no day-night cycle, however, it looks like time is frozen.
  7. The town you can explore is completely empty, and there is nothing to do besides wandering around. There is also no music, aside from the endless ringing of the clock tower bells.
  8. All the bikes are perfectly identical (aside from slightly different specs) and have no names, instead being labeled with numbers (Bike 1, Bike 2, Bike 3, etc.), something that even Big Rigs, of all games, managed to get right.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some physics bugs from Pizza Dude have been fixed, making the game a bit more tolerable to play.


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