Motocross Championship

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Motocross Championship
"This is not a championship that you want to be part of"
Genre: Racing
Platforms: Sega 32X
Release Date: 1994
Developer: Artech Digital Entertainment
Publisher: Sega
Made in: USA

Motocross Championship its a bike racing game developed by Artech Digital (the same developers of Dark Castle on Genesis), and published by Sega in 1994, exclusively for the 32X.

This is a really pooly received title on the 32X, and often is referred as an unfinished mess.

Why It Sucks

  1. The graphics are very bad, this game could had been done on a regular Mega Drive, the only thing that the 32X adds its color, the background its a poorly digitalized image, the bikers look like they are racing on unicycles, and the devs were so lazy that they didnt even finished painting the skybox, which you can see if you jump at a decent height.
    • Plus the game is filled with ugly and poorly digitalized pictures, the worst one beign when you loose a race.
  2. The audio is really awful, which isnt at all surprising knowing the game uses the infamous Gems sound driver, the melodies remind of the 32X version of Doom due to it poor quality, but the annoying part is definetely the voices of the racers, which are always the same 2 lines and due to the nature of the game, they repeat over and over and over, until you just mute the sound entirely.
  3. The scrolling in choppy and the game its filled with pop-in, due to this is impossible to take curves precisely unless you memorize the track, the pop in also screws you, as you are unable to see the puddles of mud at time, and it will cause you to fall in your ass constantly, pissing you off beyond believe, also the way the terrain and textures pop in make the game look even uglier than it already was.
  4. While there are 12 tracks, they are all functionally the same, with similar terrain, obstacles , and always the same amount of annoying enemy racers.
  5. The controls are complete ass:
    • The bikes turn way too much and way too fast when you press a direction, this makes the bike really hard to control, and cause you to crash against everything.
    • You can attack enemies with the C button, but the attack is first, hard to land due to the perspective, and second, delayed to your button press, plus with how brutal the A.I. is in this the attack will noth hepl you at all.
  6. The races are a complete mess.
    • The tracks are way to narrow for 12 racers, and this results in them crashing constantly.
    • The puddles of mud are poorly placed, and they will make you fall constantly.
    • The enemy racers constantly pile into each other creating a massive obstacle thats really hard to cross.
    • When the race starts, the all racers are way to close, and when the sign to start the race is given, they will coverge into one big pile. causing them to all crash and fall during the starting part of the race like complete morons.
    • Its really easy to fall from your bike, jumping on hills ithout pressing up or down on the D-pad will cause you to fall in your ass and loose positions, of course we also have puddles and, the barriers, but the worst obstacles are the other reacers, which can knock you many times before you can even get up again, having you almost like a soccer ball, which of course makes you loose valuable time.
    • The pop-in as mentioned before, hides the obstacles and terrain.
    • you can get block by enemy racers quite easily, which slows you down quite a bit, in fact seems like the A.I. is designed more to try to crash against you and block your path, more than even trying to race.
    • The Cpu recovers way faster than you from a fall, and they also seem to be most of the time faster by default.
  7. The game gives you 3 bikes, while these sounds cool, each bike has a worst turn than the last.
  8. The game only has 2 modes, practice and season, the practice mode allows you to choose any track and bike, making it the preferable mode, on the other hand the Season mode its complete garbage because:
    • You have to race each course 3 TIMES !!!!!! each time with a different bike, and each time less controlable than before.
    • to save your progress you use the typical convoluted password with upper and lower case letters.
    • You get jack shit for beating the season mode, only a poorly digitalized congratulation screen.
  9. The camera is also terrible, sometimes when your racer jumps too high, when he falls, he does it outside the range of the camera which can easily end in you crashing.
  10. The 2 player mode has a really awful horizontal splitscreen, making it hard to view anything.


The while the game received at release some decent reviews, most of the reviews were negative, for example Videogames DE magazine gave the game a miserable 25%.

In recent years the opinion of the game has only got worse, an example beign Dave White from Game Sack, saying that everthing about this game screams why the 32X was not atractive to consumers.



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