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MotoGP 18 was MEANT TO BE DIFFERENT TO 17 and other games. But it fails in all of its ways.

Why it Sucks / Why it Flopped

  • Texture pop in, and 30 FPS lock on console. On PC it's optional.
  • Some tracks (Valencia) are easy to glitch on. Some people have done that track in 54 seconds.
  • It's basically the previous game but with better graphics and laser scanned racetracks and riders.
  • Time trial is extremely harsh and invalidates your lap by touching a curb.
  • The AI don't race, instead they only follow a set line on the track.
  • The Switch version is really blurry and can only have 16 bikes on track, instead of 24 on the PC and console versions.
  • It cost US$50/C$70 when it came out (digitally!)
  • Some tracks have inaccuracies, like the Red Bull Ring (Austria). The curb at turn 1 isn't that high.
  • The bike will skip on some curbs, like the exit of turn 1 at the Austrian track.
  • Recommended ghost feature is easy to beat because of the ghosts the game puts for you will be 2-3 seconds slower.
  • Visual damage is still very poor with scratches being the biggest damage the game has.
  • Low FPS on PS4 Pro.
  • VERY POOR and often glitchy online multiplayer, and it's private lobbies only. MotoGP 19 fixed this with dedicated servers.
  • Auto pilot mode is very slow and keeps you to 95 km/h (59 mph) on the pit lane exit. This is until is gives manual control back to the player.
  • The AI is often 3 seconds slower during races, and YOU CAN WIN FROM LAST IN 3 LAPS. The races are pointless as a result.

The good things about it

  • The graphics look really nice. Night lighting is really well done thanks to the Unreal Engine 4.
  • Early season release date (June 7, 2018 and 29 June that same year for Switch)
  • The tracks actually look realistic, in comparison to the previous games in the franchise.
  • The game controls as it should. Pro mode is actually difficult now.
  • IT HAS ABSOLUTELY NO MICROTRANSACTIONS! Pay $60, and everything is there! No more DLC, pay-to-win online mechanics and NO LOOT BOXES.
  • Lots of graphics options, and yes, a cheap computer with 8GB RAM can play this game!
  • ALL the riders, tracks, and bikes of the 2018 MotoGP season (and other inferior categories are in the game.)







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The game was completely remade because of the switch to Unreal Engine 4.