Mortyr 2093-1944

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Mortyr 2093-1944
Ah, yes, the "spiritual successor" that no one is reminded of today.
Genre: First-Person Shooter
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
Release Date: NA/DE: 1999
PL: August 30, 1999
EU: May 4, 2001
FR: August, 2002
RU: May 14, 2004
Game Engine: IC Engine
Developer: Mirage Media
Publisher: NA: Interplay Entertainment
DE/PL: Mirage Media
EU: Midas Interactive Entertainment
FR: Pressimage
RU: 1C Company
Made in: Poland
Franchise: Mortyr
Next Game: Mortyr II

Mortyr 2093-1944 (or simply Mortyr) is a first-person shooter video game developed by Mirage Media (the same developers of Sniper: Path of Vengeance and Chernobyl Commando) and published by Interplay in North America for Microsoft Windows. The game was frequently known as the "spiritual successor of Wolfenstein" before its release. It was made on IC Engine which was used in Monkey's Adventures or Wolfschanze 1944: The Final Attempt.


Mortyr is divided into two episodes: the first one is set in 1944 and the second one is set in a futuristic era, each one with its respective weapons selection, similar to Daikatana.


The game takes place in an alternate history in 2093, where the Nazis won the WWII and the Reich rules the earth. This not only brought terror of Nazi dictatorship, but also mysterious weather changes, leading the world to an Armageddon. General Jurgen Mortyr thinks that the Nazis are somehow responsible for the growing number of disasters and weather changes. To prevent the destruction of mankind, the general Mortyr sends his son, Sebastian, back in time, with the mission to investigate and stop the events that led to the Nazi victory.

Why It Sucks

  1. Bad graphics. The game looks worse than Half-Life or Unreal, better looking games that were released a year before this game. Similiary like Daikatana, the characters do not move their lips. Some textures are terribly pixelated.
  2. Despite having a plot, it's all written in the game manual, the game itself gives no sense of a story progression.
  3. Inconsistent framerate, the game performance can range from choppy to incredibly fast, regardless of your computer specs.
  4. The game won't install correctly and it's hard to find patches to make the game run on newer operative systems.
    • Plus, the game is not compatible with most virtual machines, as it crashes when you try to start the game.
  5. Terrible AI, as the enemies tend to run back and forth until you shoot them.
  6. Extremely unfair difficulty:
    • The enemies have perfect aiming.
    • They tend to appear in the most inconvenient places, for example, you can exit a room and right in front of you is a sniper that will shoot you instantly, giving you a very little reaction time.
    • Sometimes they even spawn behind you when you're clearing a zone.
    • As if it wasn't enough, fighting more than two enemies in a single zone is almost impossible, as they can kill you really fast, even on the easiest difficulty.
  7. Horrible collision detection, explosions can kill you even if you are hiding behind a wall.
    • To add insult to injury, for some reason, the enemies take less damage if you shoot them through a bridge.
  8. Mediocre level design, also, most levels have no continuity between them.
  9. Some levels can get pretty dark and it's hard to know where are you going to.
  10. The puzzles are tedious.
  11. Excessive fall damage, even falling from a low height can make you lose half of your life.
  12. The game is very short, as it can be finished in less than 4 hours.
  13. Uninspired soundtrack.
  14. Horrible and glitchy sound design, some weapon sounds can feel very delayed and the sound of the waterfalls is very earraping and annoying, it gets worse on newer operative systems, as a white noise sound effect can sound randomly for no reason.
  15. Laughable voice acting, the death sounds are pretty cringeworthy.
  16. Unsatisfying ending.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. A decent selection of weapons, which consist of WWII and futuristic weapons, unfortunately, you can't use futuristic weapons to kill 1944 era Nazis.
  2. It was the first WW2 first-person shooter where you could see German airships fly above.
  3. Despite the bad graphics, it features some good visual effects, like the floor reflections.
  4. As odd as it is, the idea of an fps involving WWII thematics and time travels is kinda interesting.


Mortyr received mixed to negative reviews. It was criticized for its inconsistent framerate, poor enemy AI and bland level design.

However, the game was acclaimed by polish press, calling it a "hit on a global scale" and "the most important event of the year".


  • The game had problems with its distribution in stores, mostly due to its nazi themes and visuals. Because of this, the game didn't sell well.



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