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This is what happens when YandereDev becomes the developer of
Genre: MMO, Action
Platforms: Web Browsers
Release Date: October 4, 2016
Developer: ClickStan, King Of
Publisher: ClickStan is a MMO game developed and published on the Web Browsers by ClickStan.

The game consists of controlling an animal that can eat various food and other animals to evolve into a stronger animal. Most of them have their own abilities to help the player continue to progress.

Bad Qualities

  1. Ever since ClickStan hired King Of to continue making game updates, the game went a lot downhill, into getting milked so much and becoming very broken. This caused most of the problems listed below.
  2. Surviving with some animals like the Dragon can be so difficult, as there has been so many animals added just to counter them, such as the Jackass and other animals.
  3. Speaking of WISN #2, lots of teamers and trolls came on this game because of that, and they do nothing but ruin the players' experiences, especially when they get the Black Dragon. To make it worse, KoA never does anything to that problem, because he supports those types of players, and the only reason most of these animals were added is to improve the teamers' experiences.
  4. The Golden Eagle has a very ridiculous ability to grab any animals at whatever size they are. It's also the worst offender when it comes to KoA adding animals just to improve the trollers' experiences, which is hypocritical because he stopped Bald Eagle trolling a long time ago.
  5. The developer ran out of animal ideas so he adds lots of birds as animals in the game now.
  6. The new skins that became permanent on the #GoldenAge update that happened in late 2019 can look ugly depending on the player's view. Though you can still turn off skins in the graphics options if you don't like them, also making the gameplay faster.
  7. It often suffers from glitches when its updates get released. This is possibly because KoA often rushes developments of updates mostly due to the players being overhyped for them. This resulted into a glitch in which animals that can charge such as the Rhino and the Swordfish to kill any animal instantly when charging on them, thus made the game Close to unplayable until he fixed it in the next update.
  8. KoA also heavily obfuscated the code of the game in an update, which made an update of a great mod called Teddy Bear extremely difficult for Timur Tripp to develop for that new version of the game. Eventually the mod was discontinued as he stated that he was "losing respect for either of the two developers".
  9. Pretty poor performances when the game loads lots of animals or zooms out a lot.

Good Qualities

  1. The concept of the game is still pretty well made. It inspired the creation of, a clone about aquatic animals.
  2. It was much better until KoA came along.
  3. Atleast it still gets many good updates as well, such as the 1v1 mode and many things hyped by many players, such as the Desert biome.
  4. Colorful and fluid graphics.
  5. Funny gameplay.
  6. It can be great for roleplaying, although some roleplayers would intentionally kill other players to progress.
  7. While the Teddy Bear Modpack got discontinued, you can still change skins with just an extension, but unfortunately they'll always revert back to normal in each update.



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