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Monster Racer

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Monster Racer
Pure evil, much like this pumpkin guy.
Genre(s): Racing
Platform(s): Sony PlayStation
Release: November 2001
Developer(s): Microïds
Publisher(s): Microïds

Monster Racer (not to be confused with Monster Rancher, or Monster Racers for the Nintendo DS) is a 2001 Mario-Kart-style game for the Sony PlayStation developed and published by Microids and was released exclusively in Europe. As the name and theme of the game implies, this game is purely Halloween-themed, with witches, werewolfs, Frankenstein monsters and alike being presented as playable characters, and with tracks appropriately set in haunted castles, graveyards and alike.

Why It Sucks Blood

  1. The difficulty is very unbalanced: On easy, it becomes a total snooze-fest, where you simply blaze through your AI opponents easily and take 1st place, while on normal or higher, your AI opponents become suddenly very fast and unfair, in which you cannot catch up to them anymore, especially during the very later stages.
  2. The disadvantage power-ups such as the reverse steering or slow-down appear very frequently and at nauseum, making the game very frustrating to play.
  3. Very dull and boring track designs.
  4. Lackluster graphics.
  5. Generic and uninspiring music, including this one track that is just remixed twice with differing speeds.
  6. Runs at a poor 15 frames per second.
  7. The game uses passwords rather than Memory Card options, given that this was made in 2001, which by that point passwords in console games have been long abandoned.
  8. The HUD looks like it's ripping-off the more superior Crash Team Racing.


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