Molly Maggot

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Play as Molly the maggot as she begins her life of decay flesh munching. She also begins her life of making you wish you got a better game for your Wii U.

Molly Maggot is a platforming video game developed and published by GNOB Software for the Wii U on December 31 of 2015.


After a fly drops Molly Maggot off onto a dead duck, she enters through its eye and munches her way through its thick dermis ending up in a deep and dark cavernous world filled with decay, disease, and danger. It’s your job to find the secret exit “door" for her.

Why It Sucks

  1. No music at all in the game. In fact the trailer advertises the fact that the game has no music and to play your own music while playing the game!
  2. Menu text is written in broken text.
  3. Stiff, broken controls. The directional buttons don't turn Molly around even though you can use it to move her. Also, you can't jump carefully around damaging flesh. Jumping typically only works to leap up, not forward, making you fight with the game to get her to leap in your direction of choice.
  4. The "Extra" mode is broken. It doesn't actually randomize the levels.
  5. You can pause the game by pressing "Select", but the game does not let you resume the game from where you paused it. It forces you to restart the game.
  6. Very boring and very repetitive levels.
  7. You can easily trap yourself.


Nintendo Life gave the game two out of ten stars saying "A few bosses and new enemies give you something to strive for, but your ability to endure bad jumping and dull exploration are all that will keep you playing Molly Maggot. If you're desperate to see how miserable life as a maggot is then the game will provide you some context, but otherwise it's a boring, joyless slog."

Kevin McMinn from Nintendo News gave the game one out of five stars saying that "Molly Maggot is a difficult game, but for all the wrong reasons. It’s just a terrible experience, and I cringed every time I played. It’s an unfinished experiment — an abomination that lacks even the most basic concepts and functions. From broken controls to boring level design to sloppy execution, Molly Maggot was an utter displeasure. Not once did I feel like I was having fun. I’ve happily tucked this indie game inside the “bad” folder on my Wii U HOME Menu. If you’re still curious and chomping at the bit to play, you can purchase it for $1.99 on the Wii U eShop in North America starting on December 31, 2015."

Molly Maggot has a GameFAQs rating of only 2.50 out of five.