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Mob Enforcer

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Mob Enforcer
This game got whacked by the developers!
Genre(s): First-Person Shooter
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
Release: Microsoft Windows
July 13, 2004
February 23, 2005
Engine: LithTech Jupiter
Developer(s): Touchdown Entertainment
Publisher(s): ValuSoft (PC)
Kemco (Xbox)

Mob Enforcer is a 2004 first-person shooter released for the Microsoft Windows and later for the Xbox as Chicago Enforcer. Developed by Touchdown Entertainment and published by ValuSoft for the Microsoft Windows and Kemco for the Xbox. It was made on LithTech Jupiter. The game sets in Prohibition-era Chicago following a mobster doing work for Al Capone.


In Prohibition-era Chicago, Jimmy "The Machine Gun" DeMara is proving himself to Al Capone. First, he must find and take down a squealer named Needles Gennaro, but to do that he must find a hustler named Mitts. DeMara finds a password for the speakeasy where Needles is hiding in the Lucky Motel. He finds Needles in his room and kills him.

Capone tells DeMara to go to the west side of Chicago and deal with the bootleggers on the Cenzo brothers' side. He must destroy five stores while avoiding the cops and killing the Cenzos' henchmen. DeMara reaches a brewery where the brothers work, kills them and blows the place up. DeMara gets arrested by the police and must escape the slammer. He then reaches a safe house while avoiding the cops.

Capone then tells DeMara to pick up a bag of cash from a nearby dumpster to bribe the police chief and get a uniform from laundry to sneak into the precinct without being detected. He gets ambushed by the mobsters but kills them and gets to the police station and bribes the chief. DeMara must then sneak into the cells to kill Lucero, who according to Capone is gonna turn informant. He kills Lucero and wrecks more stores for the mobster through bombing the safes and stealing cash.

Finally, Capone wants to meet DeMara in person, so the latter heads off to the former's suite at the Lexington Steel Hotel. Soon as DeMara get there, the power goes out, the bombs go off, and the place is attacked by Johnny Torello and his men. First, he restores power to the hotel by heading into the basement, then he defuses a bunch of bombs and finally when he reaches Capone's suite, he finds him tied up by Torello. DeMara kills him and escorts Capone out of the hotel.

Why It Sucks

  1. The game runs like absolute garbage with frequent frame rate issues and some weird mouse input problems that cause wonky aiming.
  2. The game almost plays exactly like No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M's Way, and brought along the latter's issues, only this time it's much worse. That's because the developer of Mob Enforcer created the LithTech engine and then the Jupiter engine.
    • Some of the weapon models are ripped straight from that game, showing off laziness in the graphics department.
    • It has an upgrade system without the ability to upgrade. How does that happen?!
  3. The voice acting is poor with characters trying way too hard to sound Italian American, but failed miserably.
  4. The enemies are extremely unforgiving with them being able to gun you down quickly and respawn out of nowhere.
    • You must holster your weapon if a cop sees you or you'll get whacked or arrested. This can be a problem when the mobsters show up because the police won't do anything to help you.
    • There's also very little enemy model variety because they are same-looking
  5. The levels are inconsistent in quality with boring, lifeless-at-times streets, corridors that are the same-looking at the Lucky Motel, and some of the levels are the same but reversed. Some levels can be forgiving like the safe house where you're not getting ambushed every time by enemies. Other levels have you whacking the targets standing there like it's no one's business.
  6. Cash doesn't do anything other than affecting the end level score. Call that worthless.
  7. The visuals are not at all great, with muddled textures and low-polygon models.
  8. The ending is just the logo of the game on a black background.
  9. The Xbox version has lower-quality graphics, slower aiming and long load times.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Performance on the Xbox version on the other hand is great, and maintains a locked 60fps across over 90% of the game.
  2. Some of the glitches can be funny, like a mobster doing somersaults at the staircase.
  3. The multiplayer exclusive to the Xbox version is fantastic, and has some of the best netcode out of any game on the system.
  4. Good weapon variety including prohibition era firearms, lead pipes, Chinese fireworks, and bouncing Molotov cocktails.
  5. The gunplay is solid, largely due to how much the game borrows from No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M's Way.
  6. Several standout levels such as The Lexington which feature intricate design.



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