Mixels Rush

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Mixels Rush
The Murp Monkeys who made this game can't even make proper mixes and murps!
Platforms: iOS
Release Date: May 21, 2015
Developer: Heavy Boat
Publisher: Cartoon Network Interactive
Franchise: Mixels

Mixels Rush (subtitled Use Mixes, Maxes and Murps to Outrun the Nixels) is a IOS/Android Cartoon Network game developed by Heavy Boat available on mobile platforms based of the 2014 Cartoon Network/LEGO animated series Mixels that launched on May 21, 2015 on iOS and Android. The indirect sequel (only by franchise association) to Calling All Mixels, it is a 2D platformer-style game.


Major Nixel has unleashed a Nixelstorm of epic proportions. Luckily, you’ve got a whole mess of new Mixels ready to stop those naughty Nixels. In our new mobile game, Mixels Rush, you’ll get to play as brand-new Mixel characters from tribes both new and old, including the Frosticons, Klinkers, Orbitons, Glowkies, Lixers, Infernites, Munchos, Glorp Corp and Weldos. Combine characters to make powerful mixes, or put together three Mixels from the same tribe to create an unstoppable Max! Use special items and powers to get past wacky obstacles and stop the Nixels in their tracks. Play Mixels Rush today!

Why It Sucks

  1. Really bland and bad gameplay, which is unacceptable because Calling All Mixels was a collect-a-thon mixing game, but this is just a runner game where you run away/ chase the Nixels. Also the concept where Mixels run faster on certain tiles is very weird. As if your Mixel doesn't match the tile, it'll go slower and if your Mixel does match the tile, it'll go faster. That literally makes no sense. Also some of the boxes with items in it is just a trap, it is decorated like a Mixel tribe that doesn't match the tile. Example: your Mixel right now is Jinky and he is on a Klinker Tile and there is an Muncho Box, you might as well not open the box since you A: have a magnet which pulls items to you and B: the Nixels are very close to you.
  2. Unfair bosses like Major Nixel and King Nixel.
  3. Weird loading screen where a random Mixel blows up into pieces.
  4. Terrible graphics even by mobile standards, Calling All Mixels had decent graphics by using 3D models, but in here, the Mixels are horribly animated by using clip-art Mixels and moving their arms and legs, making this look like a random flash game. Also since this is a Mixels game there's bound to be Creative looking Mixes, Right? No, The Mixes look lazy and boring, they're just a Mixel with other Mixel parts, by far the worst looking mix is when you mix Chilbo and Snoof. And the The Murps look no better, being the Slumbo and Kraw Murp re-colored into whatever colour your Mixels are. Also, some Mixels have to be redesigned to have a side view so that it looks in place with the running. But for Berp, He just looks strange and off, At least Kramm's design looks okay. Sometimes the Mixels have their powers in their Idle animations such as Meltus as he always has fire coming out of his nose, yet it doesn't do anything. Sometimes the Mixels get straight up broken, If you complete a level as Flamzer, his arms come apart, for some reason. And one more thing, Snax's Food moves in his mouth, but not Vaka-Waka's as they stay perfectly still.
  5. The power-ups are unbalanced, you got the Boot which is practically useless, to the incredibly overpowered Warp Ahead wand.
  6. There's no unique animations in the game, for example: If your Mixel dies, they don't have a death animation, instead they stop and have stars flying around their heads.
  7. This also killed the chance of series 7, 8 and 9 for getting a game.
  8. The Electroids, Fang Gang, and the Wiztastics are the only series 1, 2 and 3 Mixels, why not include The Infernites (series 1), Cragsters, Flexers, Frosticons (series 2), Spikels, Glorp Corp (series 3)?
  9. Upon playing the level, you can't decide which Mixel to play, instead you start out with a random mixel and you have to find more Mixels in bubbles, which is useless.
  10. All the Mixels are the exact same, there's no stat changes, no attacks or any other thing that makes a Mixel useful.
  11. On a related topic; if you're playing as a Mixel, Example: Burnard, He can't shoot fire or do anything to attack the Nixels.
  12. The music of all worlds sound identical (other than Weldos Land and Glorp Corp Land).
  13. A lot of glitches, especially when it crashes.
    • Speaking of which, the game has a high chance of crashing.
  14. A kinda poor grasp of the source material: Major Nixel said the weakest mixel is a lone one. Which isn't really true considering that many lone mixels can defeat nixels with no problems.
  15. In the first level of Klinker's Land, when you don't max Gox, Jinky, and Kamzo: the game crashes with no warning.
  16. The Nixel sound affects were taken from Calling All Mixels.
  17. Getting a Murp is unfair as when you Mix two Mixels, you will randomly get a Murp which runs slower and lasts longer than Mixes/Maxes.
  18. False advertising: One of the commercials showed footage from the Mixels episode "Another Nixel" and it was lazily edited. The commercial also showed the Siesmo and Zaptor mix and Shuff and Volectro running, making you think the mixes will look unique, and Siesmo and Shuff would appear, but these don't happen.
  19. When you get 3 stars in a level, you don't get anything useful, all you get are cards of characters.
  20. The obstacles in levels don't need the Mixels to use their powers, instead the Mixels have to jump a few times so that it can fly away, that makes no sense for Mixels like Tungster who can just fly over or Mixels that have strong attacks.
  21. The story has a huge plot-hole. This game takes place before A Quest For The Lost Mixamajig and in the final cutscene, all series 1-6 look like they know each other pretty well, despite in A Quest For The Lost Mixamajig, Vaka-Waka asks Gurggle who he and his brothers are, and Jinky questions who the other Mixels were. So this game could be non-canon.
  22. The parts where you chase the Nixels are laughably easy if you have the hour glass or you Max your Mixels.
  23. The codes in the Lego sets are useless as they just unlock cards.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The Maxes are ton of fun to use as they destroy everything, and they're uniquely animated!
  2. The game over screen and cutscenes are uniquely animated.
  3. As mentioned earlier: Kramm's design has the most passable design out of the Mixels.
  4. If you were to re-create the Mixes in Lego form, they would look pretty decent.
  5. The Weldos Land and Glorp Corp Land music are decent and the best soundtrack in the game.
  6. It has an ending, unlike Calling All Mixels.


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