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His channel name describes his actions pretty well.

Craig Thompson, better known online as Mini Ladd, is an extremely controversial YouTuber after it was discovered that he told a handful of 15 to 16 year old girls to send him nudes. He also does "Meme Streams" on Twitch where he does donations.

Why He Sucks Now

  1. To start off, he's known to be a pedophile as he's an adult (as of when he made the message of his perverted actions) and he told a handful of 15 to 16 year old girls to send him nudes.
  2. Many of his jokes are repetitive and are repeated a lot in his videos and get old after a while.
  3. He can't take accountability for his actions, as when the controversy of him being a pedophile started to come to the public, he never mentioned it in the newest video at the time, proving that he's too much of a coward to deal with drama.
  4. He lies to his fans. When he returned from a month or 2 long hiatus, he told his fans it was because of mental health issues and he needed to see his family to cheer him up, when actually what really happened is that, he went on a hiatus until the drama died down so people would forget about and he would just move on like nothing happened.
    • He also lied about Terroriser on many occasions, like saying that that he talks shit about other YouTubers and all they play are GMOD are the reasons why he left, when they don't talk bad about anybody and they play other games, and the real reason why he "left" is because he was actually kicked and he is not a good friend to them.
  5. He's manipulative, as his relationship with his ex, Sami, was very toxic, he did alot of terrible things and made her do things against her will during the relationship.
    • Mini tried to break up with her, cause she called him out on a lie, he tried saying it's not (which is false as he was lying) and said he wasn't happy, Sami then suggested therapy, at first he thought it was great idea, but then for some unknown reason, he said that he'd lied so people can take him seriously and that he doesn't want a therapist (despite saying it was a good idea earlier) because he "doesn't have hope left in this relationship", shortly after that they broke up.
    • Mini also lied about the relationship saying they left on good terms, when they clearly didn't.
  6. He also manipulated a 16-year old girl by lying to her that he knows "Ash" and doing so many manipulative things to her. He apologized later to all his fans.
  7. Most of his content is repetitive and clichéd, most of them consist of unoriginal gaming videos, Reddit videos, etc.
  8. He bad mouthed his old crew on his Meme Streams when he left.
  9. Somewhere around 2011 to 2015 he made racial and homophobic tweets.
  10. He uses the victim card. As said above he said that he left cause Terroriser was being a jerk and he didn't want that, and that he had mental issues.
  11. He feels like a poor PewDiePie wannabe half the time.
  12. He doesn't know what his target audience wants to be. It seems like he wants it to be children, yet he constantly curses and makes mature jokes, and in 1 video he looked at PornHub comments.
  13. He screams way too loudly in many of his videos and can damage people's ears.
  14. In his Meme Stream compilations, he edits out the parts where he lies in an attempt to hide his atrocious side.
  15. His both "apologies" on YouTube are horrendously bad, soulless, and they sound fake.
  16. After his editor left because of the drama, his editing got worse mainly because he tries to copy what his editor did.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He used to be good and his content was much more original.
  2. The editing for his videos were pretty impressive, as his editor did do a good job.
  3. He donates to charity.
  4. He eventually did open up to his pedophilic actions on Twitter.





4 months ago
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Well, that's why i unsubbed him years ago, not teaming with Vanoss anymore.


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Should Vanoss unsubscribe him


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I made this page back on AYW, and I'm still quite proud of it. :)


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I heard this guy because of Kilimanjaro36


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What a piece of shit


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I can't believe that Vanoss and his friends have any contact with this groomer.

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