Mini Game Anniversary Edition

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The Mini Game Anniversary Edition is a Famiclone made by an unknown Chinese manufacturer.

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Mini Game Anniversary Edition
Mini Game Anniversary Edition Boxart.png
This is what happens when you try to replicate a good NES console from the 80s, and it goes horribly wrong.
Release Date: Mid-2017
Developer: Unknown
Publisher: Unknown

Why It Sucks

  1. False Advertising: The console claims to have 620 games, but many of the games are repeated.
  2. It's barely even a console since it just runs the multicart on a bad NES emulator.
  3. Many games are unplayable because the backgrounds don't update properly.
  4. The console uses outdated cables.
  5. Because the console is an NES Classic knock-off, the controller's cable is painfully short.
  6. It can be easily be mistaken for an NES Classic.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some decent games.
  2. The console itself is surprisingly durable.
  3. It comes with two controllers, unlike the NES Classic Edition





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