Mineirinho Ultra Shooter

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Mineirinho Ultra Shooter
Genre: Shoot em up
Platforms: Steam
Release Date: September 20th, 2017
Developer: Manic Mind Game Lab
Publisher: Old School Blender Addicted
Franchise: Mineirinho Ultra
Previous Game: Mineirinho Ultra Adventures
Next Game: N/A

Mineirinho Ultra Shooter or Miner Ultra Shooter is an action game, developed by Old School Blender Addicted and published by Manic Mind Game Lab, which was released in 2017.

Why It Sucks

  1. Horrible graphics, just like in Mineirinho Ultra Adventures.
  2. A lot of assets in the game were outright stolen without proper editing, such as green pipes from Mario Bros. or a wooden crusher with an "andy.carbonmade.com" watermark on the bottom.
  3. Assets from Mineirinho Ultra Adventures are also reused.
  4. Mineirinho drops like a rock almost immediately if you stop ascending.
  5. Bad sound effects. And to make matters worse, Mineirinho's death sound is back!
  6. Bad physics. Some enemies will bounce around when they hit the floor or ceiling.
  7. Horrible MIDI music.
  8. One of the enemies is a ripoff of a Kirby enemy (in terms of design).
  9. No story whatsoever, just like before.
  10. Horrible level design. The game is filled with near impossible obstacles.
  11. The bosses take no strategy to defeat, all you do is spam the gun and hit them as much as possible.
  12. Just like the last game, the description is awful. It reads: 'He came back, our beloved Miner, and he now called his very beautiful friend Lil' Pauline (Paulistinha) to enjoy a new adventure, they need to overcome the threat of space gluttons !!! Very cool and fun shooter style game, a unique game mechanic experience !!!'.
  13. Glitches.
  14. Mineirinho. a boy from Minas Gerais, wears characteristic rural clothing. Paulistinha, from São Paulo... is a colorful blonde anime girl???
  15. Awful final boss that involves you fighting a floating pyramid with the Illuminati eye on it.
  16. Poor ending.


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