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A typical example of a Minecraft clone.

Because of the massive success that Minecraft had (and still has), many clones of it appeared everywhere, especially on Android, iOS, and Steam.

Most of the time, those clones are poorly-made and are heavily panned by the fans upon the release, or have positive reviews which are obviously sarcastic.

Why Many of Them Suck

  1. Most clones do not care about what Minecraft was supposed to be. They just make different themes (city, prison etc.) and make them in a blocky style.
  2. Some of them contain stock assets.
  3. The developers of those clones often steal Minecraft skins, icons from other games and even from Minecraft itself.
  4. Generic, uninspired gameplay.
  5. False advertising: This is present in most of the Google Play and App Store clones. Those clones often have stunning and beautiful images, making you think that the game is intense. But in reality, the gameplay is lackluster and repetitive.
  6. Much like the GTA clones, they have microtransactions. In some clones, you have to pay to unlock blocks, get currency and to remove ads.
  7. Mentioning the ads, they appear in most of the clones. And hoo boy, there are a lot of them!
  8. Like the FPSs, they are way too over-saturated.
  9. Many bugs and glitches.
  10. Terrible optimization, Minecraft runs better.
  11. Rather than having an open-world to explore like Minecraft, the simulator ones divide the game into levels. What is even worse is that many of them are easy and have a mediocre level design.
    • In fact, those levels also have a timer, which can sometimes be unforgiving.
  12. Poor graphics, which range from mid-PS2 to Nintendo 64.
  13. Terrible controls.
  14. The blocks you get in the building games are often copied from Minecraft, or have some stupid designs.
  15. Limited worlds in the building clones, which is absurd because Minecraft was about building in an open world.
  16. The worst of these is a Chinese game called "2020年最酷的建筑游戏与其他人一起玩与Fortnite等一起玩得最好", which has horrid graphics that look like an SNES game with SuperFX, and also rips-off Fortnite and Among Us.

Redeeming Quality

  1. Some Minecraft clones are decent at least. An example of this is Survivalcraft, Minetest or Block Earth (full version).


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