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"Nothing built can last forever".

Minecraft: Story Mode is a 2015 point-and-click adventure game by Telltale Games based on the popular sandbox game Minecraft. It later received the "Adventure Pass" DLC and a sequel, Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2.


Jesse is an ordinary guy/girl who lives in a tree house with their friends. They are fans of the legendary group of warriors, Order of the Stone, and hope to become as great as they are one day, which becomes possible after a dreadful beast threatening the whole world is unleashed...

Bad Qualities

  1. The storyline is boring and bland and the dialogue and "jokes" are cringey for the most part, while some other Telltale games have much better writing, which proves they weren't really trying hard on this game.
  2. Generic and stereotypical characters, with Jesse being an obvious Mary Sue/Gary Stu.
  3. Most of the player's choices result in the same outcome, so that you stop getting worried, thrilled or showing any other emotions when making a choice.
  4. The villains, while cool in concept and powerful, are actually pretty lame and cliché:
    • The Ender Dragon, the final boss of the original game, only appears in the flashback and isn't even fought.
    • The Wither Storm is a generic "mindless-killing-machine-gone-rogue" plot device.
    • Aiden is a jerk without any respectable motivation.
    • The White Pumpkin is a cliché serial murder villain. Her reveal is not surprising either, since she is the only non-YouTuber character (excluding TorqueDawg) you meet in Episode 6.
    • PAMA is an "experiment-gone-horribly-wrong": an AI that ruled the entire dimension for 15 years until Jesse came and destroyed him with just water.
    • Hadrian and Mevia have clearly no other motivation than "we are doing evil stuff because we are evil".
  5. Appearance of popular Minecraft YouTubers in Episode 6 is obviously marketing.
  6. The enemies you encounter are weak and generic.
  7. Generic and repetitive gameplay, the problem all Telltale games have.
    • Probably the worst offender is the Netflix version of the game, removing the combat, walking and QTEs, leaving the player with only choosing one of the many choices, making the gameplay even worse.
  8. Misleading Teaser: Before Episode 7 was released, the teaser showed Ivor and Petra trying to kidnap? Jesse; since the villain PAMA mind controls one of the protagonists. But in reality, Ivor never was Mind Controlled in the episode.

Good Qualities

  1. It still has some soul put into it (if you exclude the obvious "power of friendship" crap, the game has some valuable life lessons).
  2. Reuben's death in Episode 4 was an emotional moment.
  3. Some good pop-culture references.
  4. It's now on Netflix, but it lasted 5 episodes.
  5. At least the voice acting is good.
  6. Despite having those problems referred above, it's still a game Minecraft fans like.
  7. The game has a few solid characters, most notable being Ivor who was a villain turned hero in episode 1 to Season 2, Ivor himself is very funny, interesting and plays a big role in most of the story.
  8. Awesome soundtrack.




5 months ago
Score 1
I like this game. That's my opinion!

Spidey McFly

4 months ago
Score 2
Me too. Honestly, I don’t see the problem with this game. #underrated


4 months ago
Score 0


3 months ago
Score 1
honestly, I think this is good. seems interesting enough.


2 months ago
Score 1
I like this game but I've only played the netflix version of season 1


one month ago
Score 0

I was surprised that Telltale decided to make a series on Minecraft lol. I was excited for it when it was first announced and enjoyed it. But looking at it know i'm able to point out a lot of its flaws. Not a bad game, just average.

However the Walking Dead and Batman will always be my favourite.

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