Mike Tyson Boxing

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Mike Tyson Boxing
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You're better off playing Mike Tyson's Punch Out!! instead...
Genre: Fighting
Platforms: Sony PlayStation
Game Boy Color
Game Boy Advance
Release Date: October 23, 2000
Developer: Codemasters (PS1)
Virtucraft (GBA)
Publisher: Codemasters (PS1)
Ubisoft (GBA)
Previous Game: Mike Tyson's Punch Out
Next Game: Mike Tyson Heavyweight Boxing

Mike Tyson Boxing (known as Prince Naseem Boxing in the United Kingdom) is a boxing video game released in 2000 by Codemasters for the PlayStation, and later for the Game Boy Color in 2001 and Game Boy Advance in 2002 by Virtucraft. It features boxer Mike Tyson in the International releases, and Naseem Hamed in the original UK release.

The game suffered a quite lengthy troubled development history, as it took several years to develop, which is very evident to the original UK version's SLES code which is 00017, in comparison to the International PAL version's SLES-02839 code, as well as the inclusion of various trailer and preview videos and screenshots featured on various PAL demo discs and magazines in 1999 and early 2000, in where the game was originally going to be released Europe-wide as Prince Naseem Boxing, until Codemasters decided to change the title for the International releases that would feature Mike Tyson instead of Naseem Hamed, who was kept for the UK release. It was then finally released in late 2000 to mixed to negative reviews. Despite its mixed reception, the game did receive a sequel released on the PS2 and Xbox entitled Mike Tyson Heavyweight Boxing.

Why It Sucks

  1. Boring, monotonous gameplay.
  2. Mediocre visuals.
  3. Unresponsive controls.
  4. Poor sound effects.
  5. Long loading times.
  6. Dull music.
  7. Horrible voice acting for a game released in 2000.


IGN gave the game a 4.3 (Bad) out of 10. The GBA version has a rating of 1.79 on GameFAQs, while the PlayStation version has a rating of 2.38.