Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Mega Battle

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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Mega Battle
Are childhood memories no longer sacred? Damn it Bandai Namco!
Genre: Beat-em-up
Platforms: PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Release Date: January 17, 2017
Developer: Bamtang Games
Publisher: Bandai Namco
Franchise: Power Rangers
Previous Game: N/A
Next Game: N/A

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Mega Battle is a downloadable beat-em-up game on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One developed by Bamtang Games and published by Bandai Namco. It is loosely based off the first two seasons of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers show that started the Power Rangers franchise. It was released on January 17, 2017. As of the time of wrighting, this is the last Power Rangers video game to be published and/or developed by Bandai Namco due to Hasbro's recent acquisition of Power Rangers franchise rights after Bandai's agreement with Saban for 25 years and Saban selling the IP to Hasbro.

Why It Sucks

  1. Very ugly character designs. Rita Repulsa doesn't even resemble the one from the show.
  2. Visual and animations are of the same quality as a low quality internet flash game.
  3. No original voice acting in this game, instead the game recycled lines from the show itself like the Rangers shouting out, "Power Rangers!", "It’s Morphin’ Time!", and Rita’s famous line: "Make my monster grow!"
  4. Poor grasp of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers source material.
  5. Very crappy hitboxes, sometimes you're standing very close to targets or stationary targets but you can't hit the enemy, but you can hit the same enemy by punching the air.
  6. Very crappy moveset with some moves barely being able to hit anything and very hard to use.
  7. Very short main story, it takes about three hours to finish the game.
  8. Leveling up is almost pointless as by the time you're finished, you are almost at the end of the game.
  9. The power-ups are randomly given to players; if you hit the boxes that contain power-ups, you have to hope that it will be given to you.
  10. The above also occurs with health power-ups, and sometimes it even gives the health power ups to full health players that don't need it. If you have low health and you need to recover, you can only hope that it will be given to you.
  11. New skills are very hard to obtain; you use coins to upgrade, but no coins appear in gameplay. Instead it is given to a random player.
  12. Rip-offs some decent levels from other games from the 16-bit era, for instance an area that's reminiscent of the sewer level of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time. All these levels do though is remind you that you could be playing a much better game.
  13. Very repetitive, you fight the same enemies though the whole game.
  14. Laughably easy boss fights (other than Lord Zedd which is very hard).
  15. You'll fight Lord Zedd many times (including the final boss battles), and all he does is spamming projectiles and attacks with very high damage in close range without any new move patterns. All you can do is mash buttons (luckily he doesn't move) to hit him and avoid his attacks (especially when he is using lethal, close range moves).
  16. Horribly designed Megazord (giant robot) fights, all you must do is spam shots on enemies on specific targets, and do quick-time event button hitting or plain button mashing despite being a beat-em-up game.
  17. Repetitive music that repeat all over again in most levels, and many music tracks are missing.
  18. The game is clearly rushed for a January release date and as a result is ripe with game ruining bugs and glitches like the one below.
    • The rushed nature of the game was likely to act as an unofficial tie in game for the 2017 movie.
  19. If you enter a boss fight with one of the un-morphed form of the characters, the game will crash. If you unlock a new character during a boss fight the game will also crash.
  20. False advertising: When the game was announced at the 2016 New York Comic Con that it was supposed to be released also for the PC. However, the PC version was dropped without warning or explanation when Bandai Namco released the first trailer of the game.
    • Supposedly, according to Bandai Namco official Twitter page, they say a PC port is coming at a later undisclosed release date. But since the release of the game, nothing has been said about the PC port and now it is canceled due to the game’s poor reception and sales. Also with Hasbro's recent acquisition of Power Rangers franchise rights, the chance for PC and/or Nintendo Switch are a 0% chance happening.
  21. To add insult to injury, this is the final Power Rangers game to be published and/or developed by Bandai Namco and it ended up to be a worst Power Rangers game ever made making this a terrible low note!


This is the 7th game that Angry Joe gave a 1 out of 10 score and said there are moments where it was even worse than Ghostbusters (2016). It was even number 2 in his worst games of 2017.