Mickey Mousecapade

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Mickey Mousecapade
Totally escape this game, literally.
Genre: Platformer
Platforms: Nintendo Entertainment System
Release Date: JP: March 6, 1987
NA: October 1988
Developer: Hudson Soft
Publisher: JP:
Hudson Soft
Franchise: Disney/Mickey Mouse
Previous Game: N/A
Next Game: N/A

Mickey Mousecapade (also known as Mickey Mouse: Fushigi no Kuni no Daibouken in Japan) is a platforming game developed by Hudson Soft in Japan originally released for the Famicom in 1987. Capcom later released the game for the Nintendo Entertainment System one year later.

This was also the first Disney video game to be released on a Nintendo home console.

Why It Sucks

  1. You play as Mickey Mouse, and Minnie Mouse follows you. However, Minnie’s AI is rather clunky and often gets stuck.
  2. There is a considerable amount of slowdown when there are too many sprites present.
  3. Very difficult gameplay. If Minnie falls into a bottomless pit, you die as well.
  4. Enemies flicker a lot for no apparent reason, due to the previously-mentioned slowdown.
  5. Rather bland story, where Mickey and Minnie have to save Alice from Alice in Wonderland.
  6. The ending is rather disappointing, which just consists of a framed picture of Mickey, Minnie, and Alice.
  7. There is no credits scene at the end of the game. Even Doraemon for the Famicom has credits and was released in 1986. To add salt to the wound, however, these two games were actually made by the same company, Hudson Soft.
  8. In the U.S. version, one of the bosses is the crocodile from Peter Pan, which doesn’t make sense because he was one of the positive characters in the movie. The Japanese version, however, has Pete the Dodo as the boss of that level.
  9. The design of the last level is terrible and infuriating. It is very easy to get lost and you have to fight a miniboss there. If you kill the miniboss and miss the key earlier in the level, it's nigh impossible to beat the game because he will respawn when you leave the screen and come back.
  10. The controls are sluggish, as the game demands precise platforming in a game where it's very easy to miss the intended jump.
  11. The game can be beaten in under 20 minutes.
  12. There’s a part where Minnie gets kidnapped by a bird and is turned into a statue. In order to get her back, you must find the right statue. This is extremely confusing, as all the statues look the same. If the statue you chose is not the correct one, you have to go back and keep trying until you find the correct one.
  13. Many of the bosses are very difficult to take down, in an unfair way.
  14. Minnie can get lost very easily in the final level. This is supported by her clunky AI, as mentioned above.
  15. If you get a game over, you start all the way from the beginning but thankfully, there is a cheat code.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The soundtrack is decent, however, the boss music can get annoying.
  2. The graphics, for the most part, are passable.
  3. You can take advantage of Minnie's invulnerability and maneuver so that she will be on the same level as Captain Hook/Peg Leg Pete but you are not. This way, you can waste him with no danger of getting hit a single time.



  • A hidden Mickey Mouse head can be found embedded in the circuit board when the cartridge is opened.
  • The game was played by the Game Grumps in a video where Arin Hanson does a parody impression of stereotypical "angry" game reviewers (who are obviously too influenced by the Angry Video Game Nerd), bringing his co-player Dan Avidan into fits of laughter. His dialogue still gets quoted a lot when Mickey Mousecapade gets mentioned.
  • The Japanese version is quite different from the U.S. version. Some of the changes include:
    • The projectile changed from magic balls to stars.
    • The bosses also changed: The Cheshire Cat, Pete the Dodo, the Caterpillar, Captain Hook, and the Queen of Hearts. The U.S. version has Witch Hazel, the Crocodile from Peter Pan, Kaa from the Jungle Book, Pete and Maleficent.


Reception for Mickey Mousecapade has generally been mixed. Some have said that it is an okay game with some flaws, others have said it was mediocre, and most have said it was just downright terrible for the reasons above.




11 months ago
Score 4
"What's this flashing bird flashing for? Is he the police?"

Sindecent exposure

8 months ago
Score 2
i don't want R E L I G I O N in my game


8 months ago
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I just fixed this page.

Shuga Kukki

3 months ago
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can't say im surprised the game is garbage


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for me this game isn't very bad

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