Miami Traffic II

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Miami Traffic II
Miami Traffic II - main menu.png
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – Furry Edition
Genre: Third-person shooter
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
Release Date: June 20, 2010
Developer: Spiro S. Jago
Publisher: Spiro S. Jago
Franchise: Miami Traffic
Previous Game: Miami Traffic
Next Game: Miami Traffic 3

Miami Traffic II is is a freeware Grand Theft Auto clone created on the Game Maker game engine and originally published as a beta at

The first game, Miami Traffic, was a 2D top-down game much like the first two GTAs, and was removed by the author himself claiming it was too much glitchy and that he was ashamed by it. Nowadays, the first Miami Traffic is lost, but Miami Traffic II is archived at the Wayback Machine and Miami Traffic 3 was moved to Game Jolt.


The game itself has no storyline, but was based on a comic the author drew when he was a kid. It is set in the Miami around the late 60's, the Miami from an alternative universe where cats and dogs are humanoid, can think, and live as civilians along with the human beings. The protagonist is "a guy who travels around these parts all day making a bit of money everywere he sees a chance".

Why It Sucks

  1. Way too short. The game has no goal whatsoever; it is funny, but just a sandbox. The developer once intended to expand it and make it a full game, but later changed mind and created Miami Traffic 3 instead. Because of this, Miami Traffic II has some unfinished game mechanics such buying coke from the gangsters and an unusable save system.
  2. The bystander pedestrians are not randomly-generated. They all appear on pre-programmed spots, and just walk randomly with no real AI. The only NPCs that will behave in a somewhat intelligent way are the enemy gang members, when attacking the protagonist.
  3. No police NPCs, unlike the other games.
  4. Only seven weapons
  5. Some of the poorest looking graphics ever made.
  6. Only Two sandbox maps and two day cycles to choose.
  7. The game has barely any resemblance to Miami.
  8. Poor sound and music variety.
  9. The game could've had much more content.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Completely free!
  2. It is an impressive work considering the Game Maker limitations. The Game Maker was not intended to create 3D games.
  3. It has a tank with a cannon.


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