Miami Traffic 3

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Miami Traffic 3
Genre: Third-person shooter
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
Release Date: July 13, 2011 (beta)
December 6, 2013 (last update)
Developer: Spiro S. Jago
Publisher: Spiro S. Jago
Franchise: Miami Traffic
Previous Game: Miami Traffic II
Next Game: Miami Traffic 4 (coming soon)

Miami Traffic 3 is a freeware Grand Theft Auto clone created on the Game Maker game engine and originally published as a beta at in 07/13/2011,[1] and it was re-published with a huge update in 12/06/2013,[2] When said website was going to close down, the last update was published at Game Jolt, in 01/18/2014.[3] Now the developer is working on a sequel titled Miami Traffic 4.[4]

It is important to point out that the Game Maker is not meant to create 3D games. This is an impressive work for the Game Maker at the time it was created, just like Crimelife 2 and Crimelife 3. Because of this, the game have a small fanbase and dozens of people awaiting for Miami Traffic 4 nowadays.


The game takes place in 1984, in the Miami from an alternate reality where cats and dogs are humanoid, can think, and live as civilians along with the human beings.

The player is able to choose between two hitmen as the protagonist: one named Jango Gomez and another under the fake identity of "Dominic Binnibon".[5] They are hired by a Miami drug lord to recover a valuable coke cargo after the transport airplane crashed. However, other factions and corrupt police officers have optained shares of it. The hitman is here to take it from them at any cost, and bring it back to his employer.[6]

Why It Sucks

  1. Abysmal amount of game glitches. The worst of all is one that makes the vehicles get stuck almost every single time you crash onto something.
  2. The game has only two missions: one is a shootout inside of an apartment and the other is on the plane crash site, but the later is unplayable because of a glitch on the intro cutscene.
    • To be fair, there is coke scattered across the island as well, so you must explore it all.
  3. Terrible camera angles for both driving and shooting.
  4. There is a save game feature if one manage to recover enough coke and buy an apartment, but the game aways will load with the graphics completely glitched, rendering the save feature useless.
  5. The bystander pedestrians are not randomly-generated. They all appear on pre-programmed spots, and just walk randomly. After about two minutes of gameplay, all of them already got stuck on a wall.
    • At least they will reaload if you leave and re-enter the island.
  6. No options menu. You can't even adjust the resolution.
  7. Outdated and repetitive graphics, as you would expect from a free GTA clone.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. As stated before, this game is completely free, and is an impressive work considering the Game Maker limitations. The game not only is in 3D, but is an open-world sandbox.
  2. The developer accepted the criticism well and learned about his mistakes on this game, as Miami Traffic 4 seems to lack most of the flaws enlisted above.[7]
  3. Awesome concept about a fantasious Grand Theft Auto clone. Just like Manhattan Chase, this game is a great idea, but poorly executed.
  4. Good soundtrack.
  5. Unlike the wandering pedestrians, the police's AI is very good, arguably even better than the first 3D GTAs. Sometimes the pedestrians will retaliate your gunfire, and their self-defense AI is also good.


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