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Merlin's Walls

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Merlin's Walls
Why would Merlin of all people want these atrocious looking walls!?
Genre(s): Maze
Platform(s): Atari 2600
Release: 1999
Developer(s): Eblivision
Publisher(s): Eblivision
Country: France

Merlin's Walls is a homebrew Atari 2600 maze game released by Eblivision in 1999. The game revolves around you trying to escape the maze, using items along the way to help you out on your quest.

Why It Sucks

  1. The title screen music is very annoying, especially when compared to other music made on the system.
    • The in-game music for when something is about to attack you is even worse as it's just a short bunch of drum beats playing over, & over again.
  2. The graphics are hideous to look at, & the smooth framerate makes it look even worse than ever before.
    • Plus it's sideways. This was because the 2600 could process things faster horizontally than vertically. However though, even if one shall consider flipping the screen right side up, it still looks hideous.
    • Not only are the graphics hideous, but also confusing. You'd think that you encountered another path, but instead you just get knocked by going into a wall. The opposite can also happen. Both of these will happen a lot.
    • The items, while decent looking, barely have any animation, or anything else to make them unique from other games on the system.
  3. The gameplay is rather barebones. Just walking around an area, trying to get to the exit, & finding some items to help you out, the latter 2 of which are nearly impossible to do.
  4. Terrible controls. They feel off-putting, & twitchy. Combined with WIS #2 & the confusing example, & you're going to have a hellish time.
  5. The maze is randomly generated, which could mean that the maze you're in will be literally impossible to escape from.
  6. The paths can be tough to squeeze through, which further add into the confusing graphics.
  7. No Ending: Once you actually beat the game, you just get a blue screen before quickly going back to the title screen.



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