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Menace Beach/Sunday Funday

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Menace Beach/Sunday Funday
Menace Beach & Sunday Funday.jpg
What a terrible way to end the NES's life.
Genre(s): Platformer
Platform(s): Nintendo Entertainment System
Release: Menace Beach
AS: 1990
NA: 1990
Sunday Funday
NA: 1995
Developer(s): Color Dreams/Wisdom Tree
Publisher(s): Color Dreams/Wisdom Tree
Country: United States

Menace Beach is an unlicensed game made for the NES by Color Dreams in 1990 and was later recycled as a Christian-themed game newly titled Sunday Funday (technically called Sunday Funday: The Ride) by the same company, now under the name Wisdom Tree.

Games and Plots

Menace Beach

  • A skateboarding hero whose girlfriend, Bunny, has been kidnapped by Demon Dan, must travel across the land using whatever he can get his hands on to defeat ninjas, clowns, Elvis impersonators, and disgruntled dock workers before finally confronting the villainous Demon Dan.

Sunday Funday (There are 3 games in this version)

  1. Sunday Funday (the main game) is essentially the same game as Menace Beach, but instead of trying to rescue your girlfriend, you're trying to get to Sunday school. The hero's girlfriend had been replaced by a Sunday school teacher, the ninjas were replaced with kids and the Elvis impersonators were replaced with plumbers.
  2. FishFall - A game where you play as a hand trying to catch falling fish and throw them up into a basket, avoiding obstacles like electric eels.
  3. 4 Him (The Ride) - A karaoke feature with bible songs. 6 are included, but they use the same song twice.

Why They Suck

  1. Terrible controls.
  2. Enemies can come out of nowhere and they all take multiple hits to be defeated, making these in essence a beat-em-up on a skateboard.
  3. You only have one attack, spinning your skateboard. The range is short and it's very weak.
  4. Horrible hit detection.
  5. Inconvenient level design, some levels take way too long to complete.
  6. Annoying layout, with squares that have you fall through the platforms and springs that bounce you back all over the place. You also have to keep hitting the light switch to illuminate the room.
  7. The springs never follow a pattern, with some that look like they bounce you up actually bounce down. Some just down bounce you at all.
  8. Enemies never stay in one place.
  9. Numerous glitches.
  10. In Sunday Funday, it doesn't make sense that random people would attack a kid who just wants to go to Sunday church. At least in Menace Beach, the enemies are shown as costumed fighters who are implied to be working for the villain.
  11. The back of the Menace Beach box is misleading because the back shows a blonde barefoot woman in a red bikini with her hands tied up but in-game, it's a black haired woman with high heels and black bra and panties.


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  • Sunday Funday was actually the last cartridge game made for the NES by an actual company, as late as 1995.
  • In Menace Beach, the villain's name is Demon Dan which is actually a reference to Dan Burke, an artist at Color Dreams.
  • In Menace Beach specifically, Bunny's clothes rot away and by the end, she is left in nothing but her bra and panties. When reviewing this game as The Nerd, James Rolfe said "this was a strangely effective way to get you to play the game, because just for curiosity's sake, it makes you wonder: how much of her clothes are going to come off?"


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