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Medieval Zombies

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Medieval Zombies
Chris Antoni - Medieval Zombies (XB360) - Gameplay.jpg
A little late to finding a good game sir!
Genre(s): Hack n' slash
Platform(s): Xbox 360
Release: 2014
Developer(s): Chris Antoni
Publisher(s): Chris Antoni
Series: Medieval Zombies

Medieval Zombies is a hack n' slash game developed by Chris Antoni (the same person behind Really Scary) and released for the Xbox 360 via the indie games market place in 2014. You play as a knight during medieval times killing zombies with various medieval weapons like axes, swords, bows, etc.

Why It Sucks

  1. All the human characters look very creepy and look like they were made in Microsoft Paint.
  2. The zombies look even worse, and feels like a kindergarten student made them, while at the same time they look like bootleg Minecraft zombies due to their design.
  3. Unbearable graphics that would have looked bad in the 1990s, let alone 2014.
  4. Bad voice acting. When the characters speak, the voice actor is speaking too far from the mic because one can hear the voices echo a lot. The characters themselves also speak in very annoying voices.
  5. The zombies don't sound any better, as they only make one very low quality growling sound.
  6. The human characters always repeat the same phrases, with the most annoying one being, "A little late to the party sir!".
  7. The player looks like a penis on the mini map.
  8. When you hit the zombies, it only makes one impact sound which sounds like raw meat getting mashed together.
  9. Repetitive gameplay: All you do is hit zombies, hit zombies, and that's it.



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