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Genre: Point-and-Click
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
Release Date: Original release
June 25, 2012
iOS, Android
August 22, 2012
Desura release
July 9, 2012
Steam release
September 22, 2012
Developer: Sos Sosowski
Publisher: Sos Sosowski

McPixel is a 2012 point-and-click puzzle game developed and published by Polish developer Mikołaj Kamiński, AKA Sos Sosowski. The game is available on Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Android and iOS. The full game was published on The Pirate Bay as a publicity stunt on June 25, 2012, before getting an official release on mobile on August 22, 2012, and Steam on September 22, 2012.

In 2013, a Linux port has been announced but is currently under indefinite hiatus due to issues with the game's engine working on Linux, though it can be played through Proton, a variation of Wine made by Valve.

Bad Qualities

NOTE: This game is actually a joke, so it's obviously meant to be bad.

  1. You only have 20 seconds to find out how to solve each of the six scenarios in each level, making the game very stressful.
  2. The chiptune theme song and music loops a lot and can get annoying extremely quickly.
  3. Adding on to Point 2, there are completely no hints as to how to solve the scenarios without frequent trial-and-error or looking at a walkthrough.
  4. You can only access the fourth level of every round if you get gold in every scenario in each level.
  5. Once you finished the main game itself, you can't replay the bonus rounds at all. And this is permanent!
  6. Several answers to some of the scenarios involve shoving things up people's (or a cow's) anuses, which can leave a very bad taste in some players.
  7. Completely no sound effects at all!
  8. No key-mapping at all.
  9. The Skip button is permanently mapped to the right mouse button, making it extremely easy to click on it by accident while watching a cutscene.
  10. McPixel's uncle Frank (aka the old man in the game) frequently gets abused in one way or another by him, which can make people wrongly think that the game encourages you to abuse your relatives.
  11. Very short and easy to complete in 1 hour (if you get everything right, skipped the cutscenes and ignored its free DLC).
  12. Limited replay value, once you finished the entire game.
  13. Almost (if not all) the solutions to the puzzles make 0 SENSE! like, bubbles eating a dinosaur when buttercup can do that? Que?
  14. The game straightaway throws you into the game itself with completely no tutorial whatsoever, forcing you to learn how it controls.

Good Qualities

  1. As stated earlier, this is a joke game, so it's supposed to be bad.
  2. This game is meant to be a throwback to 80s and early 90s games.
  3. The game has an Endless Mode, a nice alternative if you got bored playing the story mode or completed it.
  4. The game received a free DLC and several fan levels were added into the game for free as part of an update.
  5. This is the very first game to be submitted and approved for release through the now-defunct Steam Greenlight when Steam Greenlight was first released on August 30, 2012.
  6. The developer is openly aware of how bad the game is and openly revels in it, even stating on his official Twitter account's description that he is the so-called king of bad games.
  7. The game is a massive parody of MacGruber, which in turn is a parody of the original MacGyver.
  8. The concept of a fast-paced almost-plotless comedy game is an interesting idea.
  9. As bad as it is, it is still fun and challenging.
  10. Keep in mind, this game was developed for a game jam previously (more specifically Ludum Dare 21), which usually require participants to develop their games in a limited time frame. So, even though the game is supposed to be bad, many of the game’s bugs and other issues (especially in older versions) can be attributed to the time constraints that game jam games are usually made under.
  11. This is one of the rare games that are entirely created, developed, programmed and had its music entirely composed by one person, in this case, Sos.
    • He also starred as a live-action version of McPixel in its official release trailer and even directed and produced said trailer single-handedly.
  12. The game also openly mocks Mario, Batman, Nyan Cat and even an infamous leaked video of Christian Weston Chandler humping his PS3, among others.


McPixel received mostly positive reviews. On Metacritic, the game received 76/100 for the PC version and 83/100 for the iOS version. The Verge also gave the game a score of 8/10, stating "McPixel is the step further, a parody of a parody. But it's stranger, grosser, funnier and far more blasphemous."

On Steam, the game has an overall score of Very Positive reviews.



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