Masters of the Universe (Gremlin)

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Note: Not to be confused with Intellivision game of the same name.

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What are they even masters at anyway?

Masters of the Universe is a 1987 film based on the popular He-Man cartoon. There were eventually two games based on it, one that was known as Masters of the Universe: The Arcade Game and one known as Masters of the Universe: The Movie. This page will focus on the latter of the two.


The main gameplay is a top down shooter style game, where you must discover chords in a certain amount of time. The other gameplay style is a 2D brawler that crops up at certain points, such as the final boss.

Why It Sucks

  1. Boring, shallow gameplay.
  2. The maps are complicated and are easy to get lost in, because everything looks the same (especially in the ZX Spectrum version).
  3. Not helped by the fact that enemies ambush you from every corner, and fire a fast stream of bullets at you.
  4. You get a map, but it's barely useful.
  5. The brawler gameplay is mind-numbing and pretty unfair sometimes.
  6. In stark contrast, the final boss, Skeletor, is pretty easy.
  7. The game itself is extremely repetitive.