Mario Party 9

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Mario Party 9
Mario Party 9.jpg
To many fans, this game started the downfall of the Mario Party series.
Genre: Party
Platforms: Nintendo Wii
Release Date: Original release:
EU: March 2, 2012
AU: March 8, 2012
NA: March 11, 2012
JP: April 26, 2012
HK: June 29, 2012
KOR: April 11, 2013
Nintendo Selects:
EU: November 6, 2014
Developer: Nd Cube
Publisher: Nintendo
Franchise: Mario Party
Previous Game: Mario Party 8
Mario Party DS
Next Game: Mario Party: Island Tour
Mario Party 10

Mario Party 9 is the ninth home console installment of the Mario Party series, and the second and last to be released for the Wii. It was the first game in the series to be developed by Nd Cube after Hudson Soft was defunct after the release of Mario Party DS. Released in March 2012, it was the last game in the Mario franchise to be released for the original Wii.

Bad Qualities

  1. First and foremost, this game introduced the car mechanic, which was a very bad idea to begin with and made many fans of the series upset. This was primarily due to previous Mario Party games receiving weaker reviews from critics for the repetitive concept, so Nd Cube attempted to rework the series in hope of gaining better reception from critics without any consent or care to fans.
    • Because of the gameplay changes, it eliminates most of the strategy, which the Mario Party series is known for having. Most of time, the winner is the player who often rolls higher numbers, as they will be able to gain more Mini Stars quickly compared to a player who rolls low, yet performs well in mini-games.
  2. The boards have so many problems.
    • First off, they have generic, unimaginative themes.
    • Also, the boards are short and linear, but sometimes can take longer than they need to.
  3. The music, while not bad, isn't very memorable and easy to forget.
  4. Bob-omb Factory and Magma Mine are infamous for having crippling methods of losing many Mini-Stars. In Bob-omb Factory, you get a Bob-omb on your car that explodes after moving ten spaces. In Magma Mine, lava will eventually rise and rolling too low can result in getting caught in it. Both the Bob-omb and the lava make you lose half of your Mini-Stars, and it is extremely crippling to the point where having a Bob-omb explode on you or being burnt by the lava is instant loss of the game.
  5. In Blooper Beach, near the end you might always land on a Lucky Space 3 times which can make the game go longer than needed to.
  6. The Bowser mini-games aren't even original. They're just altered versions of normal mini-games where you have to lose the minigame, which had potential, but only has four mini-games.
  7. If Shy Guy or Kamek come first place in Story Mode, you have to play the entire board again, which while it is understandable since they're playing for Bowser, can make gameplay take even longer than it should be.
  8. The Coins in this game were replaced by the Mini-Stars, in which it makes no sense at all.
  9. The only items you can use are Dice Blocks.
  10. Sometimes you can go forever without getting a turn as your opponents can land on several dash spaces or you might get put last when someone lands on a shuffle space.
  11. The 2-vs.-2, battle and duel mini-games are gone.
    • Speaking of battle mini-games, there's a battle space and you can still battle for Mini-Stars, but you just play the same old free-for-all mini-games instead of unique 4-player mini-games.
  12. The battles with Whomp and King Bob-omb in the Bob-omb Factory are annoying since they are mostly luck based.

Good Qualities

  1. Good looking graphics that still somewhat hold up to today.
  2. Some music can be catchy like Battle with Bowser Jr., Toad Road or Freshen Up.
  3. A good selection of mini-games. Alongside, all the mini-games are unlocked by default without having to play each of them for one time, so this game is suitable for players who are more into the mini-games than the board gameplay.
  4. Koopa Troopa, Shy Guy, and Magikoopa/Kamek make their debut as playable characters.
  5. The bosses are enjoyable and fun to play, mainly Dry Bones, Lakitu, Wiggler, and King Boo.
  6. Good voice acting.
  7. The Story Mode isn't that bad.
  8. Has 7 boards, which while linear, can have their fun moments.
  9. The cars themselves are designed pretty well.
  10. Even if it wasn't executed in the best way, the game at least tries new things.


Despite mixed to positive reception from critics when compared to the previous Mario Party games, this game was initially panned by fans of the series for its gameplay changes and its lack of faith when compared to previous Mario Party games. Mario Party 9 currently has a critic rating of 73/100 and a user rating of 6.9/10 on Metacritic.[1]





7 months ago
Score 4
as mediocre as this game is, this is game is nostalgic.


7 months ago
Score -1
Did I watch so much of this on Youtube, good graphics that hold up well, but the gameplay? Feels weird, because the strategy is unique. On past games, if you roll low, yet performs well on minigames, you have a higher chance of winning. In this game, the player who rolls the most wins. So, that's my opinion.


13 days ago
Score 0
I would also watch Mario Party 9 videos on YouTube when I was younger as well since I only had Mario Party 8 and I couldn't find copies of Mario Party 9 when was looking for it in Gamestop with my dad back then.


6 months ago
Score 4
I like this game.

Grammer Guy

6 months ago
Score 0
Ever heard of the Super Mario Bros. board game? Google it, and you'll see how similar the car is compared to it when all of the players take turns moving Mario.


6 months ago
Score 0
I grew up with this, FML


6 months ago
Score 0
Trust me, we all watched videos of this game when we were like 5 to 8.


4 months ago
Score 0
I thought the car idea was good tbh

DatCoolRedstoneGuy Est. 2004

4 months ago
Score -1
Welp. It's official. The Mario Party series jumped the shark with this game


3 months ago
Score 0
I actually wanted this game a while ago and got it, and i also grew up with it. And now that i realize it, the car mechanic is kind of mediocre.


2 months ago
Score 1
I liked this game.


one month ago
Score 0
i saw sonmeone google translate this.

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