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Mario Forever 2015

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Mario Forever 2015
Mario Forever 2015.png
I'm sorry, and feel free to defend it if you want, but the proof is pretty solid - you can clearly see this is a low-quality game! - Daniel's Game Vault
Protagonist(s): Mario
Genre(s): Platform
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
Release: 2014
Developer(s): Games Mania TV
Publisher(s): Games Mania TV
Country: Tunisia

Mario Forever 2015 (called Super Mario Forever 2015 on the title screen) is a platform Mario Forever fan game created by Games Mania TV in 2014 and released for Microsoft Windows.

Why It Sucks

  1. The level design is really poor for a Mario Forever fangame released in 2015; the spikes in World 1-2 don't have blocks on them that it looks like they have been cut off from the ceiling; the falling grass in World 1-3 is floating in mid-air; most of flamethrowers are not even on the ground at all; and no pipes in some levels, meaning Mario goes through the ground if you will take him to the pipe.
  2. Some sound effects don't play at all, while some of them play whenever they feel like it, and the level end theme also doesn't even play in Worlds 1, 2 and 4-1 at all.
  3. Some of the music is very quiet and is nearly impossible to hear, while in World 2-1, the music doesn't even play if you will lose a life, and in World 3-3, there's no music at all.
  4. The game is completely buggy. The 1-UP in World 1-1 glitches; the graphics take a moment to adjust in World 1-3; some platforms don't fall at all, while some of them are invisible; the death sound doesn't play in Worlds 1 and 2, as well as in World 4-3; and another Mario showing up when he dies in the beginning in World 3-4 if he touches the falling blocks as Small Mario.
  5. Speaking of World 4-3, 2 of the platforms are invisible, meaning it's nearly impossible to try to land on the 3rd platform, as well as trying to complete this level without cheating.
  6. For some reason, the coin counter is even impossible to see in World 3 and World 4-2, meaning it's a challenge to guess how much coins you have.
  7. The save system doesn't even work at all in version 2.5, meaning a Game Over will force the player to restart from the beginning, similar in Batman Forever.
  8. The game has a heinously difficulty spike to the extreme as the levels has unfair traps to the player like falling blocks, wide gaps in where the player must stomp on flying Koopas precisely and poor enemy placements making the game way too unforgiving just like Unfair Mario, Syobon Action (Cat Mario), or even Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels.
    • Even worse, some levels don't even have a checkpoint at all, meaning they can be hard for new players.
    • If you lose all of your lives, you're forced to play the first part of the world making the game heinously punishing and unforgiving, far more than Dark Souls, Cuphead, Super Meat Boy or even Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy. In fact Daniel's Game Vault in his gameplay video, ragequitted a lot due to it's atrociously difficulty spike.
  9. In Worlds 1 and 2, the word "WORLD" is taken from save game room, while the (WORLD)-(LEVEL) names are just typed with a font, which is lazy. However, Worlds 3 & 4 don't have this problem.
  10. In some levels of World 3, there's Evil Lakitu in the top that can't be even seen, meaning of you accidentally stomp it, you can fall to your death if you aren't careful.
  11. In World 3-3, the red arrows that come out from Bullet Bill's cannons are so poor and horrible, that they look like they were actually made in Microsoft Paint without even giving it dark lines to make them look like they have an effect.
  12. For some reason, in World 2-4, despite being a tank level, the ground moves along with tanks and several blocks, meaning the entire stage moves, rather than only tanks. Not to mention, even if the stage doesn't start to move, the tanks actually still have animated wheels, probably due to the engine.
    • Besides, if only the tanks and several blocks would move except for the ground, then the pipe would actually move magically without even being on a tank, along with the blocks at the beginning, which would be weird.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The graphics are still awesome since they come from the original Mario Forever, despite they also have some bugs.
  2. The music is amazing which comes from different games like New Super Mario Bros., Super Meat Boy, Super Mario 64 and Super Smash Flash 2.
  3. Some levels actually have a good level design, like Worlds 3-2, 3-4 and 4-1.
  4. Despite the save system bug in v2.5, at least it was fixed in version 2.7.
  5. World 2-3 has a novel idea for the Lakitu. Instead of throwing spinies, it throws thwomps and even mushrooms.


YouTuber Daniel's Game Vault, who played the game twice, has strongly criticized the game's bugs and the fact that music is nearly impossible to hear, the fact that some levels have no checkpoint. However, he was glad the save system was fixed in version 2.7. In his "Top 5 Best and WORST Mario Forever Games of 2015", he featured the game as #1 of his worst Mario Forever Games of 2015.



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