Mario's Time Machine

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Mario's Time Machine
Mario's Time Machine SNES.jpg
Mario and time travel? How do you make this NOT awesome?! The Software Toolworks found a way.
Genre: Edutainment
Platforms: MS-DOS
Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Nintendo Entertainment System
Release Date: MS-DOS
NA: 1993
NA: 1996 (Deluxe version)
Super Nintendo Entertainment System
NA: December 1993
Nintendo Entertainment System
NA: June 23, 1994
Developer: The Software Toolworks
Radical Entertainment (NES)
Publisher: The Software Toolworks
Nintendo (NES)
Made in: United States
Franchise: Super Mario

Mario's Time Machine is an edutainment game made by The Software Toolworks and Radical Entertainment for MS-DOS, NES, and SNES, released in 1993. Along with Mario is Missing!, this game is one of a series of Mario-themed educational games, called the Mario Discovery series.


Bowser has stolen various artifacts from the past using a time machine to stock his museum. As Mario, the player must return the artifacts back to their correct points of time.

Why It Sucks

(Note: NES and SNES versions only) Since this is an educational game, we'll go easy on it.

  1. Having to fill out a document with way too many options.
  2. Confusing time machine controls.
  3. In the NES version, if you put the artifact in the wrong period of time, you‘re forced to return to the museum and fight the Koopas (in a poor man's version of the original Mario Bros. game) to recover the artifact.
    • In the SNES version, Mario will go surfing to collect ten Mushrooms within a time limit. Due to tedious controls, the minigame becomes a pain to sit through. Making this worse is the failure to provide any indication that Mario needs to enter a whirlpool after collecting the ten Mushrooms.
  4. The SNES version is extremely boring due to a lack of action-oriented gameplay that was at least present in the NES version.
  5. Like Mario is Missing, the sprites are literally from Super Mario World. Also, in the NES version, Bowser's sprite was recycled from Super Mario Bros. 3.
  6. This game contains lots of historical inaccuracies. To name one, Mario receives a Tea Bag from a librarian in 1455 even though tea bags were naturally first made in the early 1900s.
  7. In the NES, if you picking items, you must pick up correctly
  8. The ending that shows Bowser saddened and crying is extremely disappointing.
  9. The time machine interface is unbearably slow.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The music is pretty good.
  2. The concept had so much potential, but was executed poorly.
  3. In the NES version, the proper Bowser sprite is used, unlike the previous game Mario is Missing!.


  • In the PC version, Mario sprites in this game (along with Mario Is Missing!) spawned the Weegee and Malleo memes, which are part of the YouTube Poop memes.




A.A Founder

13 months ago
Score -4


I rather play Mario: The Early Years! 😂


6 months ago
Score 1
  • Mario's early years


11 months ago
Score 2
There are three versions of this game, but the SNES version is the worst because it has the least amount of content and has the least replay value.


10 months ago
Score 1
Nathaniel Bandy said that too.


8 months ago
Score 1
Wow, The NES Version of this game came out 13 Years before my birth.


11 days ago
Score 0
If only this game this game was like Sonic CD...

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