Marble Madness (IBM PC/Game Gear/Game Boy Color)

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Marble Madness

Marble Madness PC.jpg

Marble Madness Game Gear.png

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These ports are madness.
Genre: Puzzle
Platforms: IBM PC
Sega Game Gear
Game Boy Color
Release Date: IBM PC
Sega Game Gear
Game Boy Color
December 1999
Developer: Sandcastle (IBM PC)
Tengen (GG)
Digital Eclipse (GBC)
Publisher: Electronic Arts (IBM PC)
Tengen (GG)
Midway Games (GBC)
Made in: United States
Franchise: Marble Madness

Marble Madness is a video game developed and published by Atari Games on December 15, 1984 for arcade machines. It received many ports for computers and consoles.

This page will focus on IBM PC[1], Game Gear[2] and Game Boy Color[3] versions.

Why They Suck

IBM PC version

  1. The music is ear-raping and annoying, similar to Makon Soft's games. It makes CrazyBus sound like Chopin.
  2. Ugly graphics for 1986 standards that would make your eyes want to burn from them. It looks like a Nintendo Entertainment System game instead of an IBM PC game.
  3. False advertising: The cover shows red and blue marbles, but in the game, they don't appear at all.

Game Gear version

  1. The marbles lack animations. No matter where you move, they won't spin, not even for a bit.
  2. False advertising: Like the IBM PC cover, the cover features a red marble, but it doesn't appear in this port at all.

Game Boy Color version

  1. Stiff and broken controls. The marble can fall easily and it can make a lot harder to complete the level in time.
  2. God-awful music that doesn't sound better than the IBM PC version. Not to mention, some of them are not even in the right order.

Redeeming Qualities

IBM PC version

  1. This is the first version of Marble Madness where you control a different colored marble. In the arcade version, the marble you control is blue, while in this port, it's pink.

Game Gear version

  1. Pretty great graphics for 1992 standards. The sprites were nicely ripped from the Arcade version and colored to fit the Game Gear standards.
  2. The soundtrack is okay. They're also in the right order, unlike the Game Boy Color version.

Game Boy Color version

  1. The graphics are decent for GBC and 1999 standards, though they don't look that good as the Game Boy version.
  2. The music, while still bad, is not loud, unlike the IBM PC port, meaning your ears are safe from the loud music.



  • The Game Boy Color port was developed by Digital Eclipse, who's responsible for developing the Game Boy Color port of Mortal Kombat 4.
  • The IBM PC port was published by Electronic Arts, who are also responsible for creating some franchises, such as The Sims, FIFA or Need for Speed.


  1. Developed by Sandcastle.
  2. Developed by Tengen.
  3. Developed by Digital Eclipse.


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