Manhunter and Chernobyl Commando

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This is not Manhunt! It's Manhunter!

Manhunter and Chernobyl Commando are two 2013 first person shooter games published on Steam on January 29, 2013 and March 8, 2013 respectively.

Why Both Games Suck

  1. Both games share the same flaws, gameplay elements, and even have the same title screen layout, just with a different person and background. This suggests that one of the games were cloned to make the other one.
  2. Manhunter starts you in a helicopter, then lets you shoot from the helicopter. When you're tasked to go on the ground you instantly and jarringly fall to the ground.
  3. Horrendous presentation that can make you feel seasick. The camera's field of view is too low, and the camera shakes and sways like you're on a boat even though the game takes place on land. The weapon also sways when you move especially when aiming down the sights of the weapon.
  4. Ugly graphics that look worse than Halo 3, a game released in 2007 on the Xbox 360 despite Manhunter and Chernobyl Commando being released in 2013.
  5. Random frame rate plummets that temporarily freeze the game at the most inconvenient times.
  6. Chernobyl Commando runs at a very low frame-rate of 16 frames per second or lower.
  7. The handgun obscures a quarter of the screen.
  8. You can't explore the clearly wide open world as the game will show a "Stay in designated area" countdown message if you're too far away from the designated area, and when the five second timer runs out you automatically fail the mission.
  9. The "Stay in designated area" countdown can run out even in a cutscene causing you to fail the mission while watching a cutscene!