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Makon Soft Sonic the Hedgehog platform games

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Sonic 3D Blast 5
Sonic Adventure 7
Sonic Adventure 8


One poorly-made Sonic bootleg for the price of three.
Protagonist(s): Sonic the Hedgehog
Genre(s): Platform
Platform(s): Game Boy
Game Boy Color
Release: 1997 (Sonic 3D Blast 5)
1999 (Sonic Adventure 7)
2000 (Sonic Adventure 8)
Engine: Makon Soft Platform Engine
Developer(s): Makon Soft
Publisher(s): Makon Soft
Country: China
"These are probably the worst Sonic games I've ever played. You'll laugh, but I'd rather play this three times over than these bootlegs again. I mean, just...I beg your pudding?!"
redhotsonic, Sonic Game Boy Bootlegs - But does it work on Real Hardware?

Sonic 3D Blast 5 is a bootleg video game developed and published by Makon Soft for the Game Boy in 1997. The game was also released for the Game Boy Color under the names Sonic Adventure 7 and Sonic Adventure 8 (also known as Sonic 8 on the title screen), released in 1999 and 2000, respectively.

Why They Can't Count

  1. Pretty poor graphics. While they look okay in monochrome, the color choices, particularly in Sonic Adventure 7 and 8, are incredibly baffling. For instance, in the intro photos, Knuckles (who otherwise doesn't appear in the game) is colored green instead of red.
  2. Asset flipping: Nearly every single piece of artwork is stolen. An example is the title screens, which are stolen from Sonic 3D Blast and Sonic Adventure. All of the character sprites are also stolen from the official games as well.
  3. Awful controls that suffer from input lag, as it takes about a second for the movements to respond. For example, jumping in Sonic Adventure 7 is mapped to the B button, while in Sonic 3D Blast 5, it's mapped to the A button. Why can't both buttons be used for jumping?
  4. Broken physics that make Sonic Genesis look like the original games. For example, Sonic can only defeat Badniks by directly jumping on top of them (sometimes more than once), as he'll get hurt if he rolls, spin dashes or jumps into the enemies. He can also sometimes go left or right without the player's input.
    • Furthermore, like the 8-bit version of Sonic 1, Sonic loses all of his rings with no way to get them back if he gets hurt with rings, and he has no invulnerability, meaning he can get killed within two seconds if he falls into a spike pit with rings or collides with an enemy after getting hit.
  5. The collision detection is very inconsistent, as Sonic can sometimes go through rings without collecting them or fall through platforms into a pit for no reason.
  6. Horrendous level design, barring the Green Hill Zone level. Most of them are filled with platforms over pits (spikes or bottomless), cheap enemy placements, and none of them have checkpoints, making some of them very difficult to complete without cheating.
    • The Sandopolis Zone-based level is the worst offender, containing hooks with collapsing platforms that occasionally fail to show up. Redhotsonic stated that it took him over an hour and a half and at least 100 attempts just to get past the collapsing platform section.
    • The levels are shuffled around in Sonic Adventure 7 and 8, where Green Hill Zone, which was the first level in S3DB5, is the fifth and final level in both games, and Sandopolis Zone (level 4 in S3DB5) is now the first level in the former game, which also makes for inconsistent difficulty.
  7. Terrible music, consisting of loud and off-key renditions of songs from Sonic 3 & Knuckles.
  8. Like many other Makon Soft games, there are only 5 levels in the entire game, and the game can be beaten in under half an hour.
  9. There are no stage bosses whatsoever.
  10. You only get five lives and no continues, and there's no way to earn extra lives.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. The character sprites, despite being ripped from Sonic Triple Trouble, are still decent.


Despite not being official Sonic games, they were universally panned by players. They are infamous in the Sonic community for their poor graphics, controls, and music.


The games saw a remake, titled Sonic Blasting Adventure, which adds Tails and Knuckles as playable characters, improves the graphics, physics and music, and adds some new features that weren't in the original game, like boss fights.

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