Maka Maka

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Maka Maka
Baka Baka (actual title means fool in Japanese)
Genre: Japanese Role-Playing Game
Platforms: Super Famicom
Release Date: JP: Apr 24, 1992
Developer: Office Koukan
Publisher: Sigma Enterprises

Maka Maka is a Japan-only 1992 Super Famicom RPG video game developed by Office Koukan and published by Sigma Enterprises.

It is considered kuso-ge (roughly translates to "crappy game"), and is hated by many Japanese gamers.

Not to be confused with the manga of the same name.


So apparently the main character is the reincarnation of some alien prince who defeated the Demon King a long time ago, and now said Demon King is resurrected and wants revenge. There's also a lot of bizarre creatures you fight along the way.

Why It Sucks

  1. Believe it or not, this game was actually rushed. The developer, Office Koukan, spent so much time working on the game that it had only reached its prototype stage by the time of it's scheduled release date. Sigma, the game's publisher, was left with no other choice but to cancel the game if they didn't release it, so they released the prototype as-is to prevent losing money. This resulted in the game getting heavily criticized by many Japanese gamers and caused Sigma to go out of business.
  2. Numerous glitches and bugs, as the game was literally not bug tested at all. One notable, rather deadly bug (known by Japanese players as the "Shuffle Bug") involves constantly using a healing item on any character with full HP until the game's graphics and area boundaries wig out. Improper use of the bug can cause your save file to be corrupted or the game to freeze, though it also glitches out shop data, allowing you to buy plot-important items and beat the game as soon as you start it if you know what you're doing. Lastly, the game's credits sequence is unreadable due to a memory overflow error which corrupts all the graphics.
  3. Long loading times despite being on the Super Famicom, which used cartridges to store data. Some scenes take ten seconds to load which is a long time for a Super Famicom game. This is likely due to poor understanding of the console's hardware by the game's developers.
  4. Poor storyline.
  5. Bad character designs.


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