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Madden NFL 19

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Madden NFL 19
Madden NFL 19 official cover art.jpg
When you want to curate an all-rap soundtrack, you had to censor them all to maintain the E rating.
Genre(s): Sports
Platform(s): PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Microsoft Windows
Release: August 10, 2018
Engine: Frostbite 3
Developer(s): EA Tiburon
Publisher(s): Electronic Arts
Series: Madden NFL
Predecessor: Madden NFL 18
Successor: Madden NFL 20

"Who would've thought Madden on your chest could lead to injury?"
Scott The Woz

Madden NFL 19 is an American football simulation game developed and published by Electronic Arts released on August 10, 2018 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Bad Qualities

  1. False Advertising: They promised that Real Player Motion would make the game feel the best it has ever been, but all it did was the complete opposite, causing many of the problems explained below.
  2. The gameplay is heavily reliant on scripting and pre-made animations, as a result the game feels artificial and clunky both in visuals and gameplay. Players feel like they're forcibly being sucked into animations by the game's whim.
  3. Rushing is extremely difficult, due to how sluggish and clunky the movement is following the implementation of RPM.
  4. Defensive AI is very overpowered, causing extreme frustration.
  5. Interceptions are unrealistically frequent, especially if one chooses to play on All-Pro or All-Madden in Competitive playstyle.
  6. Constant bugs and glitches, ranging from players getting up from tackles and centres running with the snap to the scoreboard either undercounting or overcounting and incorrect jerseys.
  7. The Longshot story is cheesy and cringy.
  8. The skill gap is non-existent due to the watering down of gameplay.
  9. Franchise mode is both shallow and broken, meaning there is no incentive to play it.
  10. Graphics are basically worse than Madden NFL 18. This is because the Frostbite engine is designed for shooting games, not sports games.
  11. It is almost impossible trying to play offence due to so much pressure from defenders.
  12. The entire experience is riddled with input lag. Practically everything you do has a one-second delay to it!
  13. The soundtrack is terrible and all rap. The soundtrack is heavily censored due to the heavy amount of explicit content on the rap songs that would cause a higher ESRB rating.
    • However, the player can turn off all rap songs via EA Trax, and use Spotify to play their own music.
  14. Convoluted and sluggish UI.
  15. Everything that isn't MUT or Play Now is either broken or nearly unenjoyable.

Ultimate Team Mode

  1. MUT is slightly pay to win in the early-mid part of the season unless it is the only game mode you play.
    • The player can still make a 99 OVR team without spending money through buying points or buying retired/deceased legends.
      • Also, most of MUT run a themed team, in which they only use players that took at least one regular season snap with a specific NFL team.
  2. No Summer Blockbusters program, instead a return of Player Spotlights which gave 99s to mostly the 2018 NFL Draft Class, and some flashbacks (including certain players with no power ups)
  3. Golden Tickets were not present in this season, unlike the past years, however, Golden Tickets returned in the following MUT season.
  4. Before some time in September 2018, which fixed the error, Rodney Hudson can only get team chemistry for the Oakland Raiders, despite having played for the Kansas City Chiefs from 2011-2014.
  5. The introduction of the Power Up System made certain cards overpriced, as when such player gets a new high rated card, some pieces can become permanently rare or overpriced, such as Todd Gurley's Gatorade card, Bobby Wagner's MUT Heroes card or the Ultimate Kickoff Master Cards.
    • However, you can bypass these cards with a power up pass, such as Bobby Wagner's MUT Heroes with a 92-93 power up pass.

Good Qualities

  1. Power-Ups in MUT are no longer locked to the team that they currently play for, any Power Up can now equip any team chemistry for any team they played for in their career.
    • However, Le'Veon Bell's Journey and Free Agent cards, as well as Earl Thomas' Free Agent cards (including their Power-Ups) can get any of the 32 NFL Teams' chemistry.
  2. After a shooting at a Jacksonville, Florida Madden tournament, EA decided to host a fundraiser for the victims' families.
  3. At least the amount of gold 99 OVR cards in Madden Ultimate Team was better than the following year's content, because of an earlier end/pack-in for the following season.
  4. It was the first modern Madden NFL title to be released on the PC since Madden NFL 08 from 2000s.


The game has Metacritic scores of 80 on PC and PS4 and 81 on Xbox One, but user scores of 2.1 on PC, 2.0 on PS4, and 2.9 on Xbox One. Sales also declined on Madden NFL 18.[1][2][3]



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