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The Tommy Wiseau of video game industry.
Profile: Mat Dickie
Style: Developer Updates
Date Joined: 2000
Twitter: MDickieDotCoM
Other Media: MDickie website
No. of videos: 160+
Schedule: Unscheduled
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: 125K+

Matthew Dickie (MDickie for short) is an independent game developer living in the UK. He started making games in 2000, his most well-known games are Hard Time, The You Testament, The Making of a Prophet, Wrestling Revolution, and others.

His games are notorious for bad controls, difficulty, and stupid concepts. The series of bizarre random events that comprise each one can, however, be extremely entertaining.

Why He and His Games Sucks

  1. His game is infamous for horrible control system. Especially his 3D games which is infamous for 'tank controls' mechanics.
  2. He reused various stuff and assets from previous games for 2 decades into new games, including characters from his wrestling games. He also uses random images from the internet as background images and items.
  3. As stated above, due to he's using the same asset over and over again, his more recent games had little to no graphic improvements whatsoever.
    • In his older games from 2000-2002, there were graphics that look like Super Fire Pro Wrestling 3 for the SNES, but instead the faces are either had open eyes or half-closed eyes.
    • In his 3D games, it has stretched and warped skyboxes that look like you're either in a dome or a Salvador Dali painting.
    • The games are so poorly optimized they can barely handle 20 on-screen characters without frame drop.
    • Despite his game Wrestling Empire running in the Unity Engine, it suffers a lot more framerate issues and making the game unplayable in the Android Version.
  4. In most of his survival games like Hard Time and Wrecked, everyone will tries to kill you for very random reasons and it is nigh-impossible not to get hit. This goes double for The You Testament and The Making of a Prophet, which try to deliver moral lessons while ugly people are hitting each other with random objects in the background.
  5. A lot of his games have a sanity meter. (Hard Time and School Days) If the meter goes down, your character goes insane and he/she remains uncontrollable, moving and attacking by themselves. This gets very annoying and is one of the most annoying things about his games.
  6. His wrestling games offer little to no change whatsoever when a new one comes out. For example, Reach, a boxing game, is just a re-skinned version of Wrestling MPire, same system, same screens, but with boxing, and there's one called School Days (mobile) which is a reskin of Hard Time but with school.
  7. Most of his PC games had an unskippable cutscenes and dialouge that take forever to progress.
    • In his survival game, every characters will tries to talk to you for every 10 seconds. Sometimes, they'll keep repeating the same "tutorial" to you over and over again, it seemed that even MDickie were aware about this, but, instead of fixing this problem, he just added a "tutorial" on how to "skip" dialouges instead.
  8. His games that you would think aren't hard are very hard due to the awfully hard minigames in it. In Popscene, Popcorn and Under Development you absolutely need to use cheats in order to make an actually good album/movie/game. Even when your stats are maxed out, your album/movie/game is decent, not good.
  9. For whatever reason, he stopped making PC games and started to make games on mobile only. You have to pay to unlock the full game. Because of this, many features are absent from the free version. Even simple features like being able to create your own character. This features is actually available for free in his older games.
  10. This clip from one of his games "The MDickie show". No words to describe how awkward and uncomfortable this scene is.
  11. He has absolutely no grasp of how religion works, and his two games The You Testament and The Making of a Prophet depict a bizarre mixture of mangled fragments of teachings from those religions, deliberate misinterpretations of scripture, random bits and pieces of other religions, and random new-age nonsense. His newer games also featured various prophets and gods (Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, Moses) which can be offensive to some people.
  12. He has a gigantic ego and honestly thinks that he's some hot-shot visionary game designer, meaning he ignores all his critics.
  13. He has also taken a stance against mods by removing the mods and source code pages from his website. While he stated that he "encourage people to replace the files in (his) games for their own amusement", he defended his actions by stating that "it would be illegal to access and redistribute the source code of an active commercial property (his games)". Which means he doesn't know that fair use was a thing and believed that modders is trying to pirating his (as of now that they are available to freely download) free games.
  14. On MDickie's website, any questions about why the games run so poorly or why they're so badly optimized he chalks up to be the users' fault instead of his own. This is because he believes his games to be groundbreaking and ingenious. In addition, it runs on Adobe Flash, but ported to Android in Adobe Air.
  15. His recent game Wrestling Empire (Android Version) has a paywall where one of the things you have to do is buy the full version of the game or your save file gets deleted.
    • However, you can close out the app so it gives you a different challenge.
  16. Many of his mobile games do not have music in-game (exceptions being Super City and Wrestling Revolution), and are mostly silent.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. His wrestling games are actually very addictive. Especially Wrestling MPire Remix and Wrestling Revolution 3D, which fixed various issues stated above.
  2. Some games can be unintentionally fun to play due to the wrestling engine conversion.
  3. Some games had creative ideas, like Super City, Hard Time and School Days, despite being poorly executed.
  4. In recent posts on his social media (Most specifically on Twitter and Facebook), he has been sharing progress of himself developing a new and improved version of Wrestling Revolution 3D (this version being known as Wrestling Empire) on the Nintendo Switch and Mobile. Contradicting a bit with WHS#13, he has also shown numerous new additions to this version, meaning that while he has that bad quality, he at least is aware of wanting to improve his game by adding new features and supporting the game on a console.




2 months ago
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We (i just put for intention) need a battle of Tommy Wiseau and Derek Savage vs MDickie and YandereDev

The Dunkman

27 days ago
Score 1
Wrestling Empire is actually pretty good IMO.


27 days ago
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Yeah, I tried it too recently once it released, and it's quite of a vast improvement over Revolution 3D.


25 days ago
Score -1
I was expecting the worst but I honestly had a bit of fun with it,


25 days ago
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Imagine someone making MDickie's game but with better graphics, gameplay, and controls.

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