M&M's Kart Racing

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M&M's Kart Racing
"Approaching sound barrier!"
Genre: Racing
Platforms: Nintendo Wii
Nintendo DS
Release Date: October 25, 2007
Developer: Frontline Studios
Publisher: Destination Software
Franchise: M&M's

M&M's Kart Racing is a racing video game released in 2007 for the Nintendo Wii and the Nintendo DS, based on the M&M's license and developed by Frontline Studios and published by DSI Games. It is often considered to be one of the worst video games of all time.

Why It Sucks

  1. It’s an obvious rip-off of Mario Kart.
  2. Incredibly unresponsive controls.
  3. Dreadful camera angles.
  4. Ugly, outdated and blocky models that all look like a late Nintendo 64 game.
  5. Low-quality textures.
  6. Repetitive and annoying voice clips. The most annoying sound clip is the "Approaching sound barrier!" line played when you are getting close to the maximum speed of the vehicle.
  7. Barely uses the license at all.
  8. Long loading times. Even the game's official website had to put a screenshot of the loading screen.
  9. Incredibly generic music.
  10. The multiplayer option doesn't support more than two players, similar to Lego Racers.
  11. Numerous bugs and glitches.
  12. Slow gameplay.
  13. The game makes an ear-scratchily annoying sound when the player crashes into a wall.
  14. The tracks are boring.
  15. Chocolate coins? That's a dumb name for a currency.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Graphics slightly look better than standard Platforming Games from another shovelware company.
  2. Two of the fifteen tracks were almost creative.
  3. It gave us the "Approaching sound barrier!" meme.


IGN gave the game a 2.5 (Painful) in the Wii version and a 3.0 (Awful) in the Nintendo DS version. The Wii version holds a score of 22.50% and the DS version a score of 22.33% on GameRankings. GameZone gave it a 2 out of 10. The Wii version has a rating of 1.39 and the DS version a rating of 2.59 on GameFAQs.

The game was also awarded as the lowest rated kart game by Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition 2011, stating that the game's nearest rival is Shrek Swamp Kart Speedway, which has a score of 26.40 on GameRankings.

It was ranked #32 on GamesRadar's The 50 worst games of all time article.

GameSpot gave the DS version 2/10 stating that the game "could put you off M&M's for life".

Gameplay footage of the game was featured as Joystiq's "Today's most hilariously atrocious video", stating that the gameplay footage "is a true testament to the wrong way to build a kart racer".

The "Approaching sound barrier!" became an infamous internet meme.





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