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M&M's Blast!

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M&M's Blast!
Better blast this game in pieces.
Genre(s): Party
Mini-game Collection
Platform(s): Game Boy Advance
Release: December 1, 2001
Developer(s): Pipedream Interactive
Publisher(s): Majesco Sales
Simon & Schuster Interactive
Series: M&M's

M&M's Blast! is a 2001 party game developed by Pipedream Interactive and co-published by Majesco Sales and Simon & Schuster Interactive for the Game Boy Advance.

This is the last M&M's game to be produced by Simon & Schuster Interactive before losing the rights of making M&M's game afterwards.

Why It's Not A Blast

  1. Like the previous M&M's game, this game is entirely ripping-off a popular game, in this case, the Mario Party franchise by adding the M&M's skins and replacing every Mario item known to man with items that are in the M&M's franchise.
  2. Repetitive sound effects that will get on your last nerves. For example, the timer sound effect when you move into an item space.
  3. The music sounds awful and like an early Sega Genesis game that's been watered down to fit the game.
  4. All the mini-games in this game are all rehashes of previous Mario Party games, and they are extremely boring, and mind-numbing to get through.
  5. This was made to cash in on the success of Mario Party by using the M&M's characters that you would see in commercials.
  6. This can be completed in less than 40 minutes with absolutely no replay value whatsoever.
  7. The graphics are very dull and uninspiring.
  8. Gathering the bland plot of a generic party game as compared to the Mario Party franchise.

Qualities That Would've Made This A Blast

  1. They at least tried to make a game based on the M&M's commercials, if it wasn't made in poor and rushed conditions.
  2. Having the M&M's characters in a game is a rather interesting concept, even for 2000s standards.
  3. In contrast with its grasp material, at the very least, tried to be original.


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